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All Seeing Eye, courtesy of Joe BeineAs I was doing some exploring this week, I ran across an interesting blog. Created by Joe Beine, the posts explore some of the symbolism found on cemetery markers and the accompanying photos are beautiful. The blog is at cemeteries.wordpress.com/

Joe maintains several other helpful sites, including:

Online Searchable Death Indexes & Records: A Genealogy Guide

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5 thoughts on “Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols Blog

  1. Hello! Have been searching for several years. Couldn’t locate where my grandfather’s brothers and sisters being buried at in Redwood County, Minnesota. Called my cousin by VRS (Video Relay Service). Found out that my grandfather’s relatives were buried at another cemetery. Walnut Grove, Minnesota is a very small town but is famous for Little House on the Prairie. Yet, was surprised to find out that there are four cemeteries in Walnut Grove! My parents and my dad’s sides were buried at Gales Cemetery, while my mother’s sides were buried at Hero Cemetery, then there is Walnut Grove Cemetery which is much closer to the town, where my dad’s twin brother, Jack were buried. There’s one smallest cemetery which I hadn’t seen for many years and my cousin reminds me about that one so that was where my grandpa’s parents, and grandparents were all buried. Cousin will email me the name of the little cemetery.

    My best advice is to ask several cousins to help out as the teamwork or being on the committee to help each other while they live closer to homes so to collect the full details with the newspaper clippings, relatives’ funeral brochures and some pictures. They can scan them and email them to me. So now I have six cousins helping me with Flesner, West, Johnson, Hershberger, Garwood, Herrick, Miller and Wavell.

    Thank you for making my days a happy one and it’s been fully blessed working on Ancestry.com. Hope to reach out my goal as carefully as I could get.

    May our genealogy work the greatest success throughout the teamwork.

  2. I look at this because I subscribe to Ancestry. BUT like Ancestry you very rarely have anything of use to a British researcher. Even those Americans who find family over here need to know where else they can look for family. Census and the The Times newspaper is no good for 80% of us. Could you please put some info for those of us who live “across the pond”.

  3. Looking for grave site of Justus/Justice Price dod 1909 and Lilly Ruth age apx 3 apx 1915 both in San patricia Co Tx Justice died from snake bite and buried in unmarked grave.

  4. Have been looking for my great grandfather’s birth date for quite some time–I know he was born in England-?London area-but died here in MAssachusettes-/Dorchester area.
    Haven’t tried the cemetary internet yet but may as soon as I can even though I don’t have a clue as to a name for it.

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