Ancestry Working on Major Collection Update

Ship.jpgAncestry is working on a major new collection update that will be coming soon. Stay tuned to the Ancestry Weekly Journal and 24/7 Family History Circle blog for details.

132 thoughts on “Ancestry Working on Major Collection Update

  1. I need more records from Canada. Also Australia. When will you get records of Galicia, Ukraine-Poland?

  2. I would also like to see more records for Galicia, Ukraine-Poland as well as the other partitions: Prussia, Poland and Russia, Poland.

  3. I’m interested in the Mid-Atlantic area. This area is lacking in Library downloads.

  4. Wausau, WI is NOT the same as Stephenson, WI. Different county, different people.

    Could you PLEASE get more newspapers done. Wausau, Marathon Co., WI.. and The largest county in PA doesn’t have any copied papers,, Wayne County, PA.

  5. Records/newspapers from Scranton PA (pre-1900) would be nice. Also, Fall River MA and Bridgeport CT, too, would be great.

  6. Would like to see more newspapers, specificaly, the Des Moines Tribune and the Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA.

  7. I’m frustrated with the lack of info in the New Haven, CT area. Vital records, cemetery records, etc. Anything to look forward to in the future?

  8. More Newspapers – Times Union-Albany, Albany Co., NY, Elizabeth Daily Journal-Elizabeth, Union Co., NJ and more of the small town weekly newspapers.

  9. Records and newspapers from Troy, New York Area…as well as Watervliet, NY (known as West Troy in 1800’s).

  10. Request that indexes with links to the images for the New York state census returns be added. Especially the 1892 returns since it is a great substitute for the 1890 federal census.

  11. I have found out that my family were Hugeunots. Is there any information on them and where they come from and how to trace the source of their origins? i have found other family members who all know we were from Huguenots but cannot get further on names etc? Can you help please?

  12. How about adding more information on newspapers in Lamar Co. TX; Tippah Co. MS; Yuma, AZ;
    Germany and Mexico. Thanks. BA PS: The Barbour Collection for CT was a superb help!

  13. Get more information for the gap from 1880 to 1900.Voter’s registration, wills; land ownership, whatever was available to show info. Alabama, Arkansas and Texas records would be helpful. Also, add companies that began long ago; i.e., the phone company and subs. There must be a history somewhere and how to contact these companies for past relative’s employment. JMO

    It would be helpful to have the birth/death records listed in a choice, i.e. by state, then county, etc. Going thru the list over and over you miss info.

  14. How about more info from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, i.e. Newspapers, obits,land records, wills, naturalization records, births and deaths etc. A good job done already on directories. The high school yearbook section would be a great resorce if it could be expanded as well.

  15. I would like to see the Border Crossings records between the United States and Canada, especially Sarnia and Windsor and Port Huron and Detroit. I think the first recordings began in 1895.

  16. Looking for newspapers in the Winham county Vermont area, and
    Worcester county MA.

  17. I would love to see the Indianapolis newspaper run extended through 1930….

  18. I would like to see Traverse City, Grand Traverse, MI and Leelanau County, MI newspaper filmed for access. Some GT county ones are done and why they left a gap in the middle is unknown. But nothing is done on Leelanau county and there are several nearby areas that could all be done at the same time to conserve cost.

  19. Can you digitize more newspapers from Long Island, New York as well as other newspapers from the New York City area?

    The significance of the area to our genealogical history says that the area needs more and better coverage of their newspapers and other records. So many families started out on Long Island before moving elsewhere in this country not to mention the number of people still living there and the rich history of our country in the Long Island newspapers.

    Here is a smattering of the multitude of historically significant newspapers on Long Island and the New York City area.

    First, there is the newspaper that Walt Whitman was the first editor for, The Long Islander, which was first published in 1838. There are many other papers going back to the Dutch in New Amsterdam.

    For times that are more modern, there is the now defunct Long Island Press. Then there is Newsday, which is the major newspaper on Long Island today.

    For the New York City area, can you add more dates for the Brooklyn Eagle? Then there is the New York Daily News, The Mirror, Journal American, etc., ect. We can’t forget the historically important PM newspaper. The PM was the only newspaper that tried to be successful without accepting any advertising. Their aim was to be profitable based only on their subscriptions. The publisher and editor was Ralph Ingersoll. He was a controversial person but a distinguished journalist.

  20. Mohawk Valley and Adirondack area of NY would be helpful as would information on Mining Wars in WV in the later 1920’s, many strikes due to Union’s I believe. interesting

  21. I would like to see more information from the Czech Republic, as well as Bohemia.

  22. I would like to see the Border Crossings records between the United States and Canada, especially Sarnia and Windsor and Port Huron and Detroit. I think the first recordings began in 1895.

    Comment by Sheila Gavin — 23 October 2006 @ 7:24 am


  23. When will you publish the English seamen/naval officers who fought for the Russians based in Archangel’sk in 1780?

  24. Would like to see more **rural, 19th century** newspapers. Personally interested in Searcy Co. and Conway Co. Arkansas.

  25. would truly love to see information on the southwest virginia area (russell, tazewell, scott, wise, dickenson counties in particular)from the mid 18th century to the early 20th century. thanks in advance.

  26. I would like to see early newspapers for Allegan County, MI posted. These include newspapers from Saugatuck/Douglas, Fennville, and Allegan. These papers are already on microfilm at various libraries within Allegan County.

  27. The ship in the photo is the Great Eastern, the largest ship ever built from the period of her launching in 1854 to sometime in the 1880’s. She was an early passenger liner that was way ahead of her time, was a failure at that, but laid the first transatlantic telegraph cables. SHe made a few trips from England to New York and back in the 1850’s. It would be interesting to see her passenger lists if they are available-perhaps from the S.S. Great Britain museum in Bristol, England.

  28. When I searched for my aunts reentry into the USA on a ship manifest from 1935 the second page of the manifest was missing. I have a copy that I made a few years ago from the Ellis Island site and both pages were available. What’s up?

  29. would love to see more TN.AR.MS.AL.VA.NC.TX.MO records especially newspapers. How about death certificate images for the U.S? I really appreciate any image of an actual record. The census records are awesome as are the Newspapers.

    Not too many of my relatives in rural Tennessee and Arkansas had their obits in the Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C. New York Newspapers, so would definitely like to see more rural areas covered.


  30. The cost of your program is extremly expensive. You also
    need more information on Wash.DC.

  31. Any plans to publish the NYC 1890 Police Census? It’s a wonderful substitute for the unavailable 1890 Census.

  32. What is the point of subscribing to the newspaper service if none of the major cities (Philadelphia, e.g.) are not represented?

  33. There is almost nothing in your data base from West Virginia. Can you please visit the Historical Society at West Virginia University in Morgantown and start digitizing some of their records – it is a gold mine of information in that state, lots of newspapers, etc

  34. I am really disappointed that I am paying the full fee with so little return. Bureau county Il. has hardly any representation . I know there newspapers would be very valuable as I have seen some of them. My family, Obriens, burns, and Dillons have very little representation in It seems that the middle west takes a back seat to the eastern states. I do hope there is more equal distrbution since my names are sooooo common. Mary Lou Mcbride

  35. 1) PA has the worst lack bmd of information. I’m sure many would agree.
    2) Immigration records are a shame. Some in the list shows birth year 3 times, when the original has all the information and subscribers have to wade through to find. Some show only the last name when there is a first name even if it is a Mr. or Mrs.

    I thought an index was for a glance of available information. In my opinion it would be just as easy to put the arrival date and the full name while transcribing that information to the list. I’m paying top dollar for my subscription and I waste HOURS having to look through each name’s information in the list.

    When I worked, if my output was done that way, I would have been fired! I’m tired of paying for someone’s sloppy work ethics.

  36. I need newspapers from Saginaw and Flint Michigan and directories for Flint and Detroit Michigan and Los Angeles CA

  37. Most of my early ancestors are from the UK, and the national-level registration of births marriages, and deaths since 1837 there is a wondrous thing, especially with the volunteer-developed BMD indexes. Comparable data in the U.S. didn’t start being recorded until around 1895-1905 (depending on state), and what data does exist is still primarily at the individual state level – with little available on-line. It would seem that Ancestry would be the logical organization to negotiate with all the states and develop a nation-wide searchable on-line database of this data. What’s the chances ?

  38. I would like to see the continuation of the birth records from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. At present they cover through 1875. They are indexed beyond 1875, but the records themselves are not on microfilm.

  39. I would like to see historical newspapers from DE, NY and PA. I don’t subscribe to the historical newspapers b/c there are no records in areas that I need. I also would like to see more records between 1880-1900 for MD, DE and PA.

  40. Newspapers from Lancaster County, PA (including the Quarryville Sun, New Era and Intelligencer) would be fantastic!

  41. I definitely agree that you need to balance the abundance of information you have on the northern states with more on the midwest and the southern states. VIRGINIA down thru the southern states to TEXAS would be a great start. I don’t own a subscription to any of the databases and will not until I see more value for the amount of money involved.

    Also, I agree that we need images of the originals. Not just transcripts, abstracts, indexes, etc. Originals pass any test and producing images of the originals is adding value for money spent.

  42. Scans of Tax lists and land records for the 19th & 20th centuries please.

    Also, please allow us to BROWSE through your books. Sometimes I don’t have a specific name so I need to look through the index.

    I love that there are books, directories, etc etc at now but I’d like to be able to save a book in “My Ancestry”. Sometimes it takes days for me to find a book I found previously.

  43. Would love more information on how to find immigrants from 1765 era to the Carolinas. Where are the land and tax records?

  44. I would love to see more records from southern states, especially Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas.

    I would also like a convenient way to email you when I find errors. For instance, the only field of a census record that can be corrected is the name. I have come across mis-readings of place of birth, age, occupation, etc., but there’s no way to correct these.

    I love the WW I draft registrations, but I have seen mis-readings of various pieces of information on these, too. It would be helpful to others if we could post alternative spellings or other alternative information for these, too.

  45. I would like to see images from the newspaper in Leadville, Lake county, CO from the 1880s forward to at least 1920 or 30. So very many people went through there it would be an immesureable resource especially for the 1890s. Teo other good sources for the area would be the Eagle newspaper and the one in Salida. The nearest large hospital int he greater area was in Salida so many obituaries can be found there. The Eagle County paper has a great deal of information on those living in Red Cliff, Minturn and Gypsum.

  46. Some libraries, e.g., Hammond, South Bend, Elkhart (Indiana), have online searchable obit indexes that catalog their microfilm collection of old newspapers. Any thought given to creating a national database?

  47. Philadelphia – Philadelphia – Philadelphia.

    Important city, big immigration port, import/export of locally manufactured goods. Your resources on this major city is more than lacking. Need scanned newspapers, obituaries,declaration of intent index, immigration records index, death index. How about scanned directories from 1890 to 1900? Philadelphia records are a nightmare to navigate because they are scattered all over the city – microfilm is scratched up and readers are scarce – forget about printers! But other than going to Philly in person, there is no way to access these records. How about it,

  48. Although, your census is wonderful-I would love to see more Virginia and North Carolina newspapers and records. Like I said your census is wonderful but sometimes I think I should quit wasting my money on your historical records and newspaper

  49. I would like to see information about Astoria, Queens County, N.Y. Newspapers,Census, Births, Deaths etc. Anything I can use to get started on my grandparents ( 1850–1950 )

  50. I will be eagerly awaiting more information, however hope you do not use this as yet another opportunity to increase you rate again. I am so tired of the rate increases even as I appreciate the information. I realize that it is expensive to create the indices, but also know that there is a limit as to how much people can afford to pay. I am a long-time subscriber who still wants to be able to be on the list of subscribers for another long time.

  51. I know you are getting many suggestions but please consider the following. The city of Chicago and some suburbs, has the largest population of Poles outside of Poland. Also, in Michigan, Texas and New York there were settlements. [And various other countries] I know there must be many decendants here and abroad that would LOVE to be able to access Polish church records from their own home or library. I hope that there are already plans to digitize those soon, or maybe it’s being done. Of course they would have to be able to translate the pages online. Most second, third and fourth generation etc. can not read Polish. (or Latin, or German or Russian for that matter)And not that many can make a trip to Poland. I know one can write letters (must be in Polish) but please consider adding them in the future. There must be a way.

  52. To staff:
    You are all appreciated by our family. What a change from “the old days” of many trips to the library, hours sitting at microfilm/fische readers,etc. Today with a few taps of the computer keys the information pops up on a screen.
    Yes, we know there are fees involved to obtain the information. We also remember the time, effort and cost needed to visit the physical sources of the information we sought.
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  53. Could you get more information on Chester and Morris New Jersey. I see many other cities of New Jersey but none on these two cities.
    Thanks for your help

  54. I, too would like to see more actual images, besides just indexes. Also more newspaper images for MO, especially Montgomery CO. (Montgomery City Standard) and Howard CO. Also more Illinois records.

  55. Hi, I live in Australia, & most of my ancestors come from the UK. Could you please have more content in your newsletter about the UK & how to find some unfindable data there. Ancestry has helped me a lot, but the newsletter has so much information to help those from USA, but I need more about the UK, please.

  56. Philadelphia, Philadelphia. We need more of everything on Philadelphia. This was such a major city for so many people,from colonial times to the present. It was a destination, a hub, a feeder and so much more for the entire country. Why have you neglected Philadelphia? This is not logical. Please help us. Thanks

  57. I would like to see Newspaper articles on Detroit, Mi. I have the newspaper susscription but nothing from Detroit, Mi. Most of my ancestors came from Detroit, Mi.

  58. Have really used all the Ontario Canada stuff (terrific) – would surely like more Canadian data!!

  59. Thank you for the UK Censuses and BMD information. It would be appreciated if these could extend after 1901.

  60. Would love to see NYS Census images online for 1905, 1915, 1925. At least an index. Thank you

  61. I would love to see the Mobile Alabama area newspapers in your database as well as the Times-Picayune from New Orleans. These newspapers are rich in material from other states as well as abroad and would be a valuable source of material for many researchers, even if they are not looking in these areas.
    Each time I go south I head to the library to scout out these microfilms, and am constantly amazed at what I find. I think others would be too.

  62. The more information we have the More we want…My profound appreciation for all volunteers and staff for what we already have. 3 years ago I sent for a death certificate to hopefully get a name. [I got 1 last name,for the 1850’s] I could not, NEVER found living relatives in the US nor Germany this year w/out your ongoing data bases. Thank you, Barbara

  63. would love to see irish and scottish census births deaths and marriage details with their parents name on them this would help so you know you have the right family when you are just a novice at this because the irish and the scots mostly have the same christian names i have paid for the world and found nothing that i know off

  64. Sir/Madam,
    I agree with the member about Irish Census. Are you planning to put the whole Scottish Census on line?.
    What about putting Scottish and Irish B.M.D’s Indexes on line?.

  65. The UK census is great…How about more Irish BMD’s and or Parish Records?? Also, Parish records for the UK later than the 1600’s.

  66. I agree, I think there should be more records from Philadelphia. In Addition there are NY State Census (1925,etc) should be on line.

  67. I am dissapointed that there has not been any attemp to bring Italian records online; however, I am happy at least that you have brought at least a little more Canadian content. But… the Canadian indices need more work. The transcribing of the 1911 Canadian Census is horrible. It seems like it was done too much in a hurry.

  68. Was excited about new database only to find my Deluxe Subscription does not cover it. I am now priced out of Ancestry, as more and more information has become inaccessible to me this year. This is a truly great service, and has been invaluable to me over the several years I have belonged.

  69. I love Ancestry, I wish the were more Marriages for New York, in the around 1940-1950. Also more information from Texas and Wisconsin.

  70. I wish you could publish more of upstate new york on the internet. Such as Oneida, Lewis counties etc. It seems hard to find any genealogy in that area. Also newspaper archives from that area, Utica, Syracuse, Rome, etc. Thanks,

  71. Would appreciate seeing the new york state 1892 federal census as I cannot find my ansestors in the 1890 federal census as the records have been destroyed in the fire that housed the records.

  72. Please enable users to give corrections to census copiers errors – I’ve tried twice writing to you with no effect. Also, I’m not renewing my subscription as Northumberland and Durham Parish Records are virtually non- existent – Shame _ I’ve enjoyed my last 12 months subscription, but it’s no longer of any value to me.
    Evelyn MacCallum

  73. One really cool database would be the actual SSDI images (not just the index). Wow, that would be a super addition to

    Thanks for the consideration.

  74. I would like to find more information on Monroe County, NY, particularly Rochester and the vicinity, between 1840 and 1855.Old school records,obits,and marriage records. I am at a brick wall with my Spaulding family. Ethel Spaulding Oliver

  75. When are you going to provide updated birth, death , and marriage indexes for the State of Conecticut to include those past 2001 and before 1949?

  76. I would appreciate more records from Norway. I have many relatives who immigrated in the 1800’s to Wis. I do not know where they arrived.

  77. Particularly enjoy the historical newspapers. Would love to see the early Atlanta Journal issues along with the Atlanta Consitution issues. The Journal is available just as the Constitution is on microfilm. Couldn’t the Journal be digitized as well?

  78. Go via google and write in different version of searches and also check out the books online for more information on the
    There is a lot out there.

  79. My Gramdfather, at 11 years old, was shanghaied and placed aboard a sailing vessel. Thirteen years later when his ship dropped anchor in New York harbor, he deserted and was reported by the German Navy.
    I wish to learn how to obtain a copy of the documents that allowed him to remain in America. Help please?

  80. Can anyone tell me why itis so hard to find a David Quigg ( Quig) Burns born 1806 or 7 parents name. He was born in Vermont.

  81. Would like to see alot more information in the Pittston, Pa area during 1865-1885 and more information in the Midwest, such as Nebraska. Only newspapers we see is the major ones which do us no good. Also would like to be able to look up an ancestor by his name and not every public judge. His name was Thomas Judge, but when looking up Judge, you get all the court judges.

  82. Please make the 1855 New York State Census your next indexing project, especially for New York City. It was right after the Irish famine immigration and would show many families still together. By the 1860 federal census, many family members had dispersed to who knows where.

  83. Need Immigration info from Saxony, Germany. I couldn’t find anything. Very hard to navigate around your site.

    Philadelphia is a MAJOR city and you don’t have any newspapers. The 1800 & early 1900’s are very important to most people I know.

    How would I correct incorrect info in my family tree?

  84. Could we have some information on the workhouses and poor law union workhouses in the UK?

    I think I may have found a relative who was in one but it is difficult to work out if it is the right person.

  85. Could you please try get more info on West Virginia? Especially the Kanawha Valley area. I am not able to find any Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates or really anything other than the Census.

  86. Having relatives from Vienna, Austria I do not see any Catholic Churches that can be searched. Also the Meldezettel. which as I understand was when a person or persons wanted to leave Vienna they had to go to the police station and fill out a form. These tell where you lived, what you did and where you were going. Finding where they lived maybe one could find the Church which is so important prior to 1938. Thank You Bert Kuffner

  87. How about scans of early Social Security APPLICATION cards?? They provide a wealth of information. I had ordered a few from the SS Administration when they were only $7.00, but now the price has skyrocked to about $27. To be able to get all that information on Ancestry would be great.


  88. Would love to see obits and articles from old newspapers in Chillicothe, Ross County,Ohio and Mason County,WVA also Columbia County,NY.

  89. –Hopefully, Ruth #102, 31 Oct 2006 … has David Q. Burns, b VT in the 1860 Census, at Copake,Columbia,NY, w/ sp Hanna & son George…. …possibly, he lived in NY in the earlier years, also. Good Luck … I find, ‘ask someone else to help think of ‘further spellings’… also, if he was proud of middle name, Census taker, may have ‘heard’ Quigg, & wrote it as such. (Quick, Qug,Quk, etc. ) Good luck.

  90. I’d love to see the New York State censuses. Also more county records for Dutchess, Ulster, & Putnam Counties in New York.

  91. Would love to see more records from Philadelphia, PA; i.e., births, marriages, deaths, newspapers, etc.

  92. I agree with previous commentors that we need more Chicago information: BMD, obits, newspapers, etc. More, more, more!

  93. Are there plans to scan and make available Church records from the Paisley – Barrhead area Scotland?

  94. Hi! Will you be able to acquire the Rock Island Argus newspaper archives (all years) in the near future?
    Thank you for all the wonderful information that you have already made available online.

  95. wILL WE BE SEEING MORE ON INFO ON QUEBEC, CANADA like censuses, birth and death records.

  96. I am interested in Hungarian genealogy. Do you have plans to put on the websites, etc. that are available to one doing Hungarian genealogy.

    J. Greenan

  97. I would love to see more info on New Haven, Connecticut, vital records, obits, yearbooks.

  98. Sirs:
    The Omaha, Nebraska Library has microfilm records of every issue of the OmahaWorld Herald for most of the 1900s to the present. It would be very helpful to have this in your index.
    Richard Rowland




  100. I would like to see a collection of newspapers for ST. Louis, MO. Also, it would be wonderful to add Missouri to your “Old man WW11 Draft Reg”.

  101. Would love to see more info on Jasper & Texas County, Missouri. Also Westphalia, Michigan, Carroll Co, Arkansas. Also would like to see the summer of 1900 added to the Newspaper collection of New Haven, Indiana.

  102. Thank you for all of the work you do to provide us with information. It is not always easy to go to courthouses, etc. You do an outstanding job of helping us who must research from home. I would like to see more about births, marriages, deaths and wills in Alabama.

  103. #11 by Bill Bronk looking for records of Troy, Watervliet and
    West Troy

    I would be interested in any records from Watervliet Township
    West Troy, Gibbonsville, Port Schuyler and Village of Washington areas. Village of Washington was in what is now
    the Southern most area of the City of Watervliet.
    Kevin Franklin, Historian, Town of Colonie, N.Y.

  104. Hi Just looking over my ancestry, I am interested hope I am not causing any inconvenience.
    Patricia Heanue

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