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John Richard Burrill,  born 3 January 1886, in Leeds, EnglandContributed by Kris and Ron Burrill
Photo of John Richard Burrill,  born 3 January 1886, in Leeds, England, to parents John Burrill and Alice Firth. He is around the age of three.

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Rodolphus W. Reeves and friend in their U.S. Army uniformsContributed by Paul Reeves.
Rodolphus W. Reeves and friend in their U.S. Army uniforms while serving as part of the U.S. Expeditionary Force in France in WWI.

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  1. Love the photos but dialoge beneath them is very hard to read in brownish ink. Could you please use black. Thanks

  2. The picture of the two young gentlemen from WWI is interesting, however, it would help to know which man is which!

  3. I really loved the WWI picture. I dug through my old pictures of my father who also fought in France in WWI. The picture I have- my father is with 2 other fellas that he served with. My father also served in the American Expeditionary Forces Battery B. I would like to hear from Mr Paul Reeves since I could share articles and pictures he might enjoy. Wow! I’m so excited. Thank You. I would publish my picture but I don’t know how to scann and then attach. Help!!!

  4. How can I submit photos that I need to identify. I have my ggrandparents photos, I know her full name but only his last-Truett.

  5. Rodolphus W. Reeves is on the left. He served in the 118th Company, 19th Grand Division Transportation Corps, American Expeditionary Force, France. He returned to Ben Hill County, Ga. after the war, where he married, raised his family and spent the remainder of his life. I am one of his sons. I would be glad to hear from anyone who is interested in the Reeves line or the AEF in WWI.

  6. Uncle Doc as he was called and was known as Dolphus Reeves. The best fisherman in the county and was said to be able to smell the fish. He was as near to beind a Father to me as I ever had. He taught me to ‘grunt worms’ which allowed me to go fishing as often as I could. God rest his soul and may men honor his service to the country.

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