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Floyd J. Park and Marisia (Mary) Kobylka Contributed by Floyd J. Park Jr.
Floyd’s parents, Floyd J. Park and Marisia (Mary) Kobylka wedding picture. Marriage was 1 February 1915 at San Marcial, New Mexico. Mary came to the U.S. from Poland in 1912 at age seventeen, accompanied by a cousin who was nineteen. She landed in Buffalo, New York and made her way to Chicago where her aunt lived. The aunt was supposed to give her a job in her hotel. However, my mother only stayed there a few days and signed up with Fred Harvey. (For more on Fred Harvey, see The Year Was 1876) She was sent to Arizona where she was a chambermaid in the Harvey House. After she finished her year she returned to Chicago but was not satisfied so she signed for another year with Fred Harvey and was sent to the Harvey House in San Marcial, New Mexico. My father was a cook at the Harvey House there and this is where they met and later married. They had five children and were married for almost sixty years.

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Anton & Katherina Nimeshiem

Contributed by Denise Kelsey
Diane’s husband’s great-grandparents, Anton & Katherina Nimeshiem, who married before 1906, possibly in Hungary. They came to America after losing two children and had two more here in America. One of which was my husband’s grandmother.

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