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Stephen Armstrong, 1820-1903Contributed by Cheryl Davisson
Cheryl’s great-great-grandfather, Stephen Armstrong, 1820-1903. He was married to Elizabeth Barringer, and they were real pioneers of the Midwest–the heartland of America. One of his sons was John Hamilton Armstrong, Cheryl’s great-grandfather. Her grandmother was Elizabeth Armstrong Davisson.

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Christen Madsen Biltoft (b. 22 April 1850) and Dorothea Christina Hansen (b. 1 August 1863)Contributed by Kelly, Brisbane, Australia
Kelly’s third great-grandparents, Christen Madsen Biltoft (b. 22 April 1850) and Dorothea Christina Hansen (b. 1 August 1863) are in this photo with their children; the eldest, my great-great grandmother Matilda Maria is at far right and some of her siblings; Peter Vedsted, James Martin and Christopher Adolphus. Christen and Dorothea emigrated separately to Queensland, Australia, from their homeland of Denmark. They had a double wedding on 9 March 1883 with Dorothea’s sister Anna, who married Christen’s brother Jens.

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  1. The picture of John Armstrong did not come up on my computer, just a red x in a box! I read the photo comment, and since I have a Elizabeth Bearinger, I am doubly curious. I went to my genealogy, and find that the spelling is different, however, I have also found that Barringer and Bearinger are often interchanged. My Elizabeth Bearinger was born in 1833, (possibly PA/ with OH ties) to John and Catherine Elizabeth Bearinger. John is the son of Lawrence Bearinger. I have no history on my Elizabeth. Might my comment be sent to the submitter?
    I have enjoyed the Photographic part of this newsletter.

  2. The photo corner, this week and last week the photos did not show in my email…what’s different? It’s not my computer, all my other photos from other emails show???

  3. The photo corner for this week’s photo’s did not show up in my emails, only two boxes, however, when I went to the photo corner section, the photos are there of the very two that were to be viewed in my email. Must be a glitch in the matrix….LOL

  4. My suggestion for those who couldn’t see the photos, did you try just going to the blog, instead of reading it through the email message?

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