Tips from the Pros: Saved Notes and Cornish Treasure

from Sherry Irvine, CG, FSA Scot

I have mentioned in the past keeping the lid on the list of favorites stored in your browser. (See the article online for more on this.) I try to live by this advice too.

That means when I happen on something online of passing interest I grab a scrap of paper, make a note, and pop this in a large envelope I call “Website Notes.” From time to time it is fun to dip into this grab bag and pull out a few slips. Sometimes links are broken, and some sites I wonder why I made the note, but others are real gems.

Here is one of the gems: The note was about the “Silly Names List” and told me I found it in “What’s New” section of the Cornwall County Council website. I had made a mistake by not dating this note. When was “new” actually new?

The Silly Names List had disappeared from “What’s New” so I used the “search this site” box and found it at the Cornwall Record Office page.  It is a great collection of unusual names, which should not only make you smile, but make you think about pitfalls with names. If the name is just about unbelievable to begin with, think how you or anyone else could go wrong.

Don’t go away just yet though. Do what I did and click on the box on the right called “Internal Links, Heritage and History.” You’ll find great resource material for anyone searching for Cornish roots. I hope you enjoy this.

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2 thoughts on “Tips from the Pros: Saved Notes and Cornish Treasure

  1. The Cornish Family History Society, the Council and the Museum at Falmouth have really done a great job in all areas….GENUKI will take you to some great sites.

  2. I always enjoy your informative articles.

    I keep those “passing interest” sites in a Word document. Copying and Pasting the URL into Word (adding a space at the end to make it an active link), saves time and prevents errors in transcription. Now I will also add a date in addition to any other notes about the site.

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