Weekly Planner: Make Time to Read

If you’re like me, you have a stack of books and magazines waiting to be read. I try to keep materials in the car for when I’m waiting to pick up my daughter, and I have some scattered around the house, but lately it’s been tough to gather enough time to really get into a book or read a magazine cover to cover. This week, let’s make some time to catch up on our reading. If the weather’s nice enough, take it outside. Find a nice quiet place where you can avoid distractions and really get a good read in!

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Make Time to Read

  1. Thanks for the reminder. We will be taking a driving trip from Texas to California. This will be a good time for me to catch up on my reading.

  2. I loved reading about books that people recommended. I have read quite a few of them. The Conrad Ricther books, The Trees, The Fields and The Town. Also the books by the author Rett MacPherson. All wonderful books.

    I look forward to more articles on recommended books.

  3. I have so many books stacked and two more on the way, it seems an impossible task getting to the first few chapters nevermind the end. Between early morning breakfast, the news on CNN, planning the meal for the day/week and evening meal, there just isn’t a enough time. Can we please add a couple more hours just for reading?

  4. I can’t imagine not reading!I have books in every room in my place-stacked 2 deep on my book shelves.With three book groups, I read a lot and can ignore dust bunnies. Keeping a book in the car is great when you have to wait for someone. Taking a book to Drs. appointments is another chance to read.

  5. Reading is my passion and addiction. I’m a bibliophile. My friends have told me in no uncertain terms they will NOT help me move ever again due to my thousands of books. I find extra reading time in the lavatory, after reading scriptures at night before bed, and audio books while in the car and while quilting. Multitasking helps.
    My top 4 books ever are: “Sarum”, and “London”, by Rutherford, “Pillars of the Earth” by Follettt and “the Lacemaker” by Montupet.

  6. I too love reading and my vote in the next Presidental election will go to the canditate who promises to create a 25 hour day (or greater) !!!!
    Morrie Walsh

  7. We all have a huge backlog of reading. Since moving to a retirement community in a new area, we have been spending a lot of time in doctors’ waiting rooms as we establish new support systems. I take my geneealogy magazines to read, instead of reading the outdated junk magazines in the waiting room. I also bring a hi-liter or note pad to annotate things I want to save. Have made a serious dent in the backlog.

  8. I too have a lot on my reading table. This year, I’ve gone through the book Mayflower and the Jeff Shaara books on the Rev War, the Mexican American War and the Civil War. I’m reading some current events books right now, but will soon dip back into history and mystery.

    I read while I’m watching baseball games – there is a lot of dead time between pitches, when pitching changes are made, and between innings. Of course, I have to watch my team as it struggles to the playoffs.

  9. You make me feel soooo much better about my stack of books/ magz waiting to be opened!! It has been a case of finding the quiet time to open the front cover at least. I too take a book with me where ever I go nowadays, it’s the only opportunity I get. I used to be such a book worm pre kids/housework/taxi etc……. lol

  10. There is ALWAYS time to read! As I believe Thomas Jefferson stated: “I cannot live without books” and I concur whole heartedly. My husband and I are retiring to another state and the first load we took back was a 14′ moving van stacked full of nothing but my books. So many times I have found information and jumped up to “check the facts” in one of my genealogy or reference books only to find it is in New York. Oh, and I still have another 100 boxes of books left to move.

  11. I too love to read. In fact, I belong to almost all the book clubs online. Also, order from many other sites. In fact, I’m trying to instill the love of reading in my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, if they havn’t already formed the habit. This Christmas is going to be a “book” theme for all from me. Books, workbooks, journals, book markers, book plates, stickers; anything to do with books. It’s fun ordering books online; trying to decide which ones are for what age groups. I have them from new born (greats) to over 32 (grands). I have recently been widowed (just a year and a half), so I can read anytime or anywhere I want to. I have books I read only in the morning; those I read during the day; those I read only when I’m in bed. Books by the computer; books in the bathroom; books by my bed; books on every table and chair in the entire house. I sure am glad I found this message board. I didn’t realize there were so many other people out there that have been bitten by the book worm. Now, with winter almost upon me, I will get a log more reading done. I even take them outside when I go out to sit in the sun. I’m never without less than six or more in my hands/bookbag. And, I subsribe to at least a dozen magazines. Well, that’s enough for this long-winded old lady. Have fun; we are never too old to learn something new.

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