Photo Corner: Ancestral First Responders

Fridolin Schmitt, Firefighter Captain of Engine 13 in Milwaukee, WI during the 1890s

Contributed by Bobbi Broeniman, Lannon, WI
Bobbi’s great-granduncle, Fridolin Schmitt who came to this country from Baden, Germany in 1852 when he was five years old. He was a Firefighter Captain of Engine 13 in Milwaukee, WI during the 1890s.


 Edwin Brough Dyer, police captain in Brooklyn, N.Y., Twelfth PrecinctClick on the image to enlarge it.

Contributed by Loretto D. Szucs
Lou’s great-grandfather, Edwin Brough Dyer. Edwin was a police captain in Brooklyn, N.Y., Twelfth Precinct. He was born 19 September 1837 in New York City, and died 28 February 1898 at his home on McDonough Street.

9 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Ancestral First Responders

  1. In the caption under Loretto Szucs ancestor, the year born or the year of death must be a misprint. It can’t be 1837 – 1828.
    I look forwrd to the pictures in every issue!
    Victoria Fahringer

  2. Hi,
    So Captain Ed was born 1837 and died 1828?

    Just thought I would say something. He must of been a spry fellow. I like seeing these pictures with the old uniforms. They are very interesting.



  3. Nice photos but Edwin Brough Dyer died before he was born …
    I like to read the Famile History Circle … like to see old photos also … thank you …

    Emile Broome, Jr

  4. I do enjoy looking at the pictures of years gone by. I have a few of my own that I plan to share, one of these days. There is a mistake as to date of death for Edwin Brough Dyer. His birth year 1837 and death year 1828 is probably a misprint.

  5. I have been beaten to the draw on the Capt. Ed photo. The numbers just didn’t go together in the printed sequence! Typos do happen and need to be brought to the attention of the typer.

  6. Was this man a descendant of William and Mary Barrett Dyer (of England, Boston, and Providence), or of one of the two other Dyer lines that Frank Dyer has traced? He looks older that 60 in the photo!

  7. I am always glad to see old photos…but be sure of dates before posting. I only have ministers in my family tree so it is always rewarding to see other professions. Take care and keep up the research…there is always something new to add!!!

  8. A picture is worth a thousand words. How wonderful to have a picture of an ancester. I shall send you a photo of a loved one. A ggrandmother who never knew how much the picture would mean to me.

  9. I have a cousin who is working on this Dyer line. Its back in our ancestors on his mothers side that the Dyer line is from. He will be most delighted to see and read this article you have written. I do hope that you will contact him and see if somehow you two are direct lines. It appears your James Dyer is his ancestor from what I figured.
    If he doesn’t email you please send me info and I will get it to him. he may have moved by now to Montana so his computer won’t be hooked up yet.
    Robert Wilson is the man whom I refer to just in case you hear from him.
    I have really nice pictures he has of this line so hope you can get in touch …if not email me and I can send you copies of his tree.

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