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Baseball Card Holders
Baseball card pages make excellent newspaper clipping holders! They are, typically, archival quality and fit perfectly in three-ring binders.
Michelle (Siler) Roux

Is It on Your Have I Checked…? list?
While this source is one that is not likely to be available to most people, I think it is one that needs to be on the Have I Checked…? list.
My wife has several small oil and gas royalty interests in west Texas. They were drilled in the early-twentieth century when the land was part of a ranch (long since broken up and sold) belonging to her great-grandfather. In the course of updating information for her file, she requested from the production company a list of other royalty owners for a specific lease. Back came no fewer than two dozen names, almost all of whom could be linked by surname to her grandma’s sisters and brothers. It was a pretty impressive list of cousins (for the most part) that she was long out of touch with.
Mike Thomasson

Maiden Middle Names
In my searches for the people on the “Smith” side of my family, I have found that on each person’s burial certificate, they had used their mother’s maiden name instead of their middle given name.

Example:  John R. Smith (family legend has it as John Robert Smith) is buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio, with his certificate reading John RAYMOND Smith, Raymond being his mother’s maiden name. His certificate has his parents as the source of information, so I am positive it is him.

I have found in many of my other searches that these “nee” names are used over and over with other family members. Burial year for John Smith was 1852.

Alene Knox

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  1. I, too, used my maiden name as my middle name on my driver’s license that I had to change after I got married. I somehow felt I should have a way to prove who I used to be. My mother did the same. That’s where I got the idea.

    Carla Middleton

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