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Julia Lola McQueen and her new husband Lewie Kennedy Contributed by Jana Sloan Broglin, CG
Julia Lola McQueen and her new husband Lewie Kennedy on their wedding day July 2, 1902 in Brailey, Ohio. Julia was born 1 Jul 1884 and died 20 Oct 1940 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio. Lewie was born 20 Aug 1875 and died 22 Nov 1932 in Swanton, Fulton County, Ohio. Their daughters, all deceased: Meredith Etta [Morse], Theone Catherine [Dodge], Nettie Amelia [Koepfer], Louie Merrilee [Beard] (Jana’s grandmother), Lola Julia [Hable], and Herma Nelle [Pilliod].

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Nellie Morrison, born 1895Contributed by Rod Marsh
Nellie Morrison, Rod’s paternal grandmother, born 1895, married 1918.  Photo date uncertain, possibly ca. 1915-1918, Northern Kentucky.

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. I am interested in this picture as I have a Rodney Marsh in my family. He married I believe, one of the Ducks. At any rate, the one I am connected to is through the Reed family and I have some pictures of his family from my father whose mother was a Reed. If he is from this family, could he contact me? I would like to know more.

  2. I think it is great to see the older photos of families and learn some history on them. thanks

  3. Jana,

    I don’t know how well you may remember me but I’m Nettie’s eldest grandchild by her son Jim. I can remember seeing that photo of my great grandparents “in the flesh” as it were, and being mesmerized by it. Fun to see it still has that effect.

    I stumbled on this site and your post by accident as I was doing some quick research on Swanton, Ohio. I’m going to be traveling through there soon (sadly to attend my maternal uncle’s funeral) and imagine my surprise to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa looking at me over the internet! Sadly, I didn’t get to meet them and I wonder what their reaction would be to their image being available to the world. They both look like they could handle it!

    Keep up the good work Jana,

    Jim Koepfer

  4. My name is Richelle. If anyone knows anything about the name Robert Aukburg or any Aukburg, please let me know. My grandfather was Robert Aukburg. He passed away in 1932 2 years after he and my grandmother Sophie got married. My Mother was 6 months old and never new him or much of his family. He was buried in Montifiore Cemetery in Rockledge, Pa. He lived in Phila. Pa. I know very little. Appreciate anyone who knows or possibly being related.

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