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Google Books
After searching and all of the other family history websites for ancestors and hitting a brick wall on some of them, I tried Google. Google offers a book search section ( where you can type in a name or place and find all kinds of information on a family member or the history of a town. You have to register with the site but it is well worth the time and effort. Some of the books are full view, meaning that the whole book can be viewed. Others have limited views or snippet views. You can find out where to purchase a particular book if you wish. There are many town histories available and even family histories. I have found my great-grandfather in one of the town histories.

Kathy Bishop

In-Laws Info Preserved
My daughter married a young man whom she met in college and who was not raised in our area—we are from Ohio, and he was raised in Michigan. His maternal grandfather died four years ago so we never even met him and knew very little about him. I decided to ask his grandmother if she would write a paragraph or so to tell about him and what she would like her future great-grandchildren to know about her husband, their great-grandfather. I’m planning on doing this with my mother as my father died about the same time, and other relatives whom she alone knew, such as my own great-grandparents. Just a glimpse back to a generation or more who have passed on which will give their great-grandchildren something special to know about them.

Betsy Earley
New Carlisle, Ohio
Have you ever checked out the website, Find A ( I found it very interesting and I was able to add names of my descendants to several cemeteries. It seems to be a good site and readers might be able to add names to cemeteries as well.
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