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Christina VonSchömberg Schreiner Tarnow, born 1838Contributed by Sondra Prowett
Sondra’s 2nd great-grandmother, Christina VonSchömberg Schreiner Tarnow, born 1838, Hesse Germany, died 1920, Hewitt, Minn., USA. She was a physician and midwife who immigrated with her brother, and lost her first husband in the Civil War.

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George Pope Henderson and wife Betsy Bruce

Contributed by Margaret Gaven, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Margaret’s 2nd great grandparents George Pope Henderson and wife Betsy Bruce. They emigrated from Helmsdale, Sutherland, Scotland to Teeswater, Ontario, Canada in 1871 with five children.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. In looking at the photos in this article – I am certain that I don’t need to remind you that many times there are copyright problems in copying many of the photos. In many instances, you either need to be able to prove that you have the right to copy the item – through permission from the original photographer or prove that it wasn’t taken by a professional photographer.

  2. I look for the dates on these photographs and pay special attention to the clothing being worn by the people in the photograph. This has helped date a few photographs in my collection.

  3. Christina,Von Schoemberg,Hesse,Schreiner = Carpenter in German,
    Tarnau =Tarnow,is this the town they were from?
    Was her brother the Carpenter or what?
    Not sure about it. Or were they from the city of Schoemberg?

  4. If a photo is over 50 years old you do not need to worry about the opy right of it. I think it is even less time than that.

  5. I love to look at all photo’s of Helmsdale hoping to find some of my Relatives who come from there and Loth
    I am looking for Mckenzie, Gordon ,Mackay ,Polson and Sutherlands .All form Helmsdale

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