Weekly Planner: Walk Away from a Problem

Take a cue from today’s quote. Look at one of the most vexing problems in your family history research. Review it and then walk away. Grab a glass of lemonade or whatever you like and sit someplace cool and comfortable. Relax and ponder. Repeat as necessary.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Walk Away from a Problem

  1. This is excellent advice. I have done this many times and it really works. Last week I was trying read a CD and thought I had followed instructions, but nothing worked. I was to install a program first and thought I had done this (several times and much coffee). I finally went on to other tasks. The next day I reread instructiions,followed them (again) and Lo and Behold, it WORKED. Haven’t a clue what I was doing wrong the first day. Very glad I walked away from the problem until a later date.

  2. When you are doing research on a family and it seems as if there is no possible family connection, do not necessarily despair. Just this past weekend a mystery was solved on which I had ‘dead-ended’on last May and simply posted a query on Ancestry. So, I just forgot about the matter. The year was 1783 and the state area was Princeville, Peoria Illinois. Then in my email last Thursday csme a note that there was someone in California who might have some information. She gave me so little information; it was basically just a connection from Ilinois to California. Immediately after tying in the information the screen asked ” Is this person, this person?” YES I answered. Then the screen asked again “Is this person, this person?” YES

    The screen went through a commotion and I was back to the 1100’s. WOW The researcher in California and I in Michigan were both basically stuck in the same spot of NON-knowledge. But by combining these little bits, Ancestry.com had performed a miracle.


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