Photo Corner: Alexander Healy and Jenny G. Levanseller

Alexander Healy, born 1822, Port Lorne, Nova Scotia, Canada

 Contributed by Elliott Healy, Dublin, CA
Elliott’s great-great-grandfather, Alexander Healy. He was born in 1822 in Port Lorne, Nova Scotia, Canada, of Scottish descent. He married Hannah Ricketson of Clarence, Nova Scotia.

Jenny G. Levanseller, 1894 Click on the images to enlarge them

Contributed by Bruce MacDonald, Hanover, PA
Jenny G. Levanseller, who later married Everard Alton Bryant. The photo was taken in 1894 when she was only nine months old, living in Waldo Co., Maine. She would live to be more than 100 years old. Born 6 January 1894, died 3 August 1994.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Alexander Healy and Jenny G. Levanseller

  1. Great pictures, they are so clear. I am hoping to get some of my pictures added to my scrapbook and hope they turn out well. Thank you for all of your time, Sylvia

  2. I enjoyed immensely both of these photographs, but especially that of Alexander Healy. I know that at the time the photo was taken there were no “photo lamps” available yet, but there is definite shading of the right side of the subject’s face, subtle as it may be, but it is there which, to me, tends to show that the individual who had taken the photo definitely studied the “Old Masters” of Art to know how to to do this. It is, indeed, a very remarkable photo with excellent posing and technique.

    Not to leave the small child out, but I have always admired those who have the patience to accomplish the photography of small children. It takes, indeed, a very special talent to do this effectively, one of which I did not have very much. Very nicely done photo of a very young person.

  3. Great pictures! Sweet baby and handsome man! I enjoy the pictures that are posted! Thanks everyone. Elliot, hope you are staying cool. I am in Livermore, Ca and it is 110 today! We are neighbors!

  4. I enjoy looking at photos. They are so touching… Could I send mine one day? I hope so, though I am from Argentina.
    Go ahead with this task, Juliana.

  5. Thank you for all the nice comments about my great grandfather,Alexander Healy. here some addional information regarding the company that produced the photograph:

    The Natman Photographic Co. with studios in Boston, Ma.; Cambridge. Ma. and Maine.

    I punched in the name on Google, but they had nothing to offer.

    A comment to Cheryl Palmer: I could not “keep cool”. I live in your neighboring city of Dublin where our temperature reached 114. My son lives in Livermore, so I know that it was hotter than Dublin’s By the way, if you are doing any family history searches, You might like to check out the Livermore Geanology Society, they are very helpful.

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