Newsletter Format Problems

My apologies to all of you who received garbled and illegible newsletters yesterday. For an as of yet undetermined reason, many AOL and Comcast users received a corrupt version this week. We have our experts working to diagnose the problem and I want to thank everyone who wrote in and helped us as far as diagnosing the problem. 

We’re very hopeful that the problem will be resolved before next week’s newsletter and in the meantime, you can read this week’s newsletter in the Library or here on the blog.

Enjoy your day!


10 thoughts on “Newsletter Format Problems

  1. I knew people would reply to you sooner than I, but I use and received a page full of alphabetical letters instead of the usual Newsletter! Otherwise, keep up the good work(s)!

  2. Although I love your newsletters, the July 6 and 10 newsletters that I received were just a bunch of crazy letters. I hope you can clear up this problem soon. I am a former DSL user who has recently changed to Comcast Cable Internet.

  3. Good Morning Juliana.

    I have subscribed to ADN for about 8 years. While the new weekly format is OK, I really miss the Daily News! I am sure I am not the only one. But whichever one I receive, I totally enjoy all of it & it is my first “read” Monday mornings!


    Beryl Flynn

  4. found an interesting Will on Online Documents where a property in the u,k. midlands was left to a grandmother of mine by a relative who had died in Antigua in 1806. this property was transferred into the family in 1809, and the family were living in Whitstable, Kent, all their lives. Now to follow up the Antigua connection. When found the Will of the wife of the Antigua she was described as Dame Margaret Pearson. Question now is why was she made a Dame? More searching.

  5. Every week I signup for the weekly news letter and never receive it. (I had no problem before you changed your format).

    I do not like you weekly newsletter – it’s just another way of switching from daily to weekly to save money.

    The blog adds nothing and hardly any one respond.

    Go back to the daily news letter.

  6. I vote for the old format too – I miss getting the news from you people – I don’t care to read all the blogs – just give me a daily dose of genealogy education, please!!

  7. I really like the new format and these comments give us new freedom. Thanks for all the hard work and glad I got this weeks — sure missed last weeks.

  8. I also received a “messed up” newsletter as well as from Rootsweb. They had a statement advising people of the problem and offered a copy by sending to a specific address of theirs, which I did but got nothing in return. If you had a notice about this I couldn’t find it and when I contacted your “Contact Us” person, I was advised by Mike that it was a problem on my end or AOL. I had already contacted AOL prior to my contacting you. I replied to Mike and was told again it was not your fault, but mine or Aol’s. Please let Mike know the outcome. Everything has come in ok as before since then, and I did not make any changes. Juliana, I love what you write. Thanks so much.

  9. I also miss the old format. For some reason I now feel like I’m missing some helpful info. I’m working on getting use to the new format.

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