Weekly Planner: Investigate the Patriots in Your Family Tree

Military records can be a real boon to your family history research. Compare timelines and the ages of family members with the dates of historic military events. If you find that an ancestor was the right age to have served in a military conflict, develop a research plan to investigate the possibility more thoroughly and obtain any related records. Also, investigate what life was like in that era for families on the home front. Social and local histories may contain rich details on wartime activities in which your family may have been involved.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Investigate the Patriots in Your Family Tree

  1. I haven’t had much luck locating my ancestors military record.

  2. Have been unable to find any records from NY on Volunteer Regiments. My husband has 5 known Rev War veterans in his family and no records any where. The War of 1812 is as bad, especially in NEW YORK. THe PENNSYLVANIA records are a little better by now much.

  3. Haven’t been able to locate any records on my uncle who died in France during World War 1.

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