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20090223Lillie-resize.bmpContributed by Pam McAllister Bryant
This is a picture of my grandmother Lillie Douglas and her twin sister Willie Douglas.  They were born 21 June 1901 in Lockhart, South Carolina to Virginia Meggs and Benjamin Douglas.  In one picture they are about one-year-old. Growing up when my great aunt visited we had two grandmother’s because they looked exactly alike!

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20090223Elvira.bmpContributed by Alison in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Attached is a picture of R. A. Elvira Hewes, wife of Nelson Wallace Hewes. This picture was taken in Chicago where her husband had a business, which was later destroyed in the great Chicago fire. Elvira’s daughter was taken to the Lincoln funeral parade in Chicago by Elvira’s mother. Sadly Elvira died at the age of 32 on 15 January 1868. Every time I look at this picture I am thankful I never had to iron this silk dress.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner

  1. Those babies are just so cute! What a precious picture to have. And the lady’s picture from the Civil War era is also wonderful picture. I hope these families have copies displayed somewhere in the home where others can view them.

  2. I love the photo’s but couldn’t resist doing a little photo majic on them if you would like to see what i did I would love to give them to you as my guift for sharing such wonderful photo’s with us you can contact me at

  3. What a beautiful example of costuming in the 1850s. I printed out a copy to put in my examples of the dress in certain eras. Sometimes what they wore has helped me identify the approximate year the picture was taken therefore narrowing down who was in it. This has been particulary helpful when trying to identify people in old photos found in my grandmother’s attic that had been passed down to her. Sure wish someone had written on the back!

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