Photo Corner: Franz Schulte and John Francis Timmons

Franz (Frank) Schulte, born 11 Dec 1844, died 11 Oct 1900

Contributed by Sue Palmer
Franz (Frank) Schulte, born 11 Dec 1844, died 11 Oct 1900, buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit. He came to Jackson, Michigan from Felbecke, Prussia in 1868 aboard the SS Weser. Around 1890 he opened a drug store at 255 St. Aubin Street in Detroit – this photo was taken inside his store.

John Francis Timmons, b. June 1879 d. January 1849

Contributed by Michael Timmons
Michael’s grandfather, John Francis Timmons, b. June 1879 d. January 1849 1949. Photo taken in Florida, during the Spanish American War. The war ended before his unit (the “Fighting 69th) saw combat.

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  1. I believe that John Francis Timmons died in January _1949_, not 1849 – as he was born in June 1879…

  2. RE: photo contributed by Michael Timmons. Seems to me that, at least, the date of death is quoted incorrectly as he would have had to die before he was actually born.
    Thanks….great web site..

  3. The photo of Franz (Frank) Schulte contains several items that could help in dating it. One the Blue Table caldenar in the left side of the photo could help with date, which might be March 1892. Also the different ads could give a time line for when this type of ad was used. Antique collection of ads may be able to help also with a time line. When was Wm.T. McBrearty using ads of Cuban Hand Work, for possible DAC needles?? for 10 cents. Also the apothecary bottles would be typical of those used in the 1880/1920. When trying to date a photo don’t just look at the person but also what is included in the photo. There are many clues that could help date photos when you look. Even some studio photos contain things that may help date them besides clothing.

  4. I would like to thank Michael for submitting this photo. It is nice to see a picture of someone in his uniform. This helps others to date there photographs, especially if the person is unknown. Then you can make a list of ancestors who might have served in that war.

  5. My comment on the Spanish/American soldier, is that he died before the war which was in late 1890’s. My grandfather was also a veteran of that war, I wish we had a photo like that.

    Bill C

  6. I want to thank those who noticed that I can’t type and put my grandfather’s death date as 1849 instead of 1949.
    *sheepish grin*

  7. Was he related to Joseph Francis Schulte born 07 Nov 1894
    Married to Sandie Trombly?

  8. How neat to see a fella in uniform from the Spanish American War. If he was stationed in Florida, there is a good chance (and you probably know for sure) he was at Fort DeSoto. This place still exists and is a great place to go swimming and learn a little history all at the same time. You’ll find Fort DeSoto around St Petersburg. It’s quite interesting to see what these guys had to endure.

  9. My Great Grandparents and my grandmother probably went into this store since they lived just a few houses down. Its always neat to see what they saw. Thanks for the photo.

  10. Hi All:

    The following comment by Brady Fitts got me thinking. “The photo of Franz (Frank) Schulte contains several items that could help in dating it. One the Blue Table calendar in the left side of the photo could help with date, which might be March 1892.”

    A higher resolution scan of the photo might resolve the month and assuming it is March, the year would be 1892 or 1898 but if the new scan is not productive an estimate can be made from the following table. The results are from looking at a perpetual calendar where the first of the month begins on a Tuesday and using the time frame 1889 to 1901.


    January – 1889, 1895, 1901
    February – 1898
    March – 1892, 1898
    April – 1890
    May – 1894, 1900
    June – 1897
    July – 1890
    August – 1893, 1899
    September – 1891, 1896
    October – 1889, 1895, 1901
    November – 1892
    December – 1891, 1896

  11. I wonder if Michael has an ancestor named Andrew A. Timmons. In 1860 he was living in Montrose, Lee, Iowa married to my great great grandmother Elizabeth Rowell Houghton Timmons. I didn’t find him in the 1870 census so he may have died by then. He had a son from a previous marriage, John W. born about 1838 that I have been unable to find.

  12. Dear Nancy Nichols

    I took up the challenge but did not find John W Timmons in 1870 Census. However, it appears that he did live at least until 1st June 1880. See excerpts below of some relevant info about your “John W Timmons, born about 1838”.

    1850 in Illinois census, age 12 with father Andrew Timmons, wife Elizabeth, Nancy Timmons, age 1 and four children surnamed “Houghton”.

    Melissa Houghton of the above 1850 family in “OneWorldTree” submitted pedigree, spouse Christian Hamma (many children).

    1860 Iowa census, Nancy Timmons, age 11 with father “And. Timmons” and spouse Elisabeth (sic), now 10 years younger, also b. VT; the children George, David, Sarah in 1850 who were surnamed “Houghton” are now surnamed “Timmons”.

    1860 Illinois census, John Timmons, 22, resides in Hotel in Illinois; occ: Laborer.

    1880 Omaha, Nebraska census, J W Timmons,43, occ: Carpenter is married to Mary (Tuttle) and has children named Fred, Nina May and Charles.

    According to another “OneWorldTree” pedigree, Nina May later was known as “Melinda Mary”.

    There are some submitters to “OneWorldTree” whom you would be able to email — once only.

    If you will please send an email address to , you are welcome to have the full results with URLs and extracted details.

    “Ruth of Kenilworth”

  13. Did Franz have a son Joseph in 1887? I am trying to find info on Joseph Schalte/Schulte/Schultz born in MI about 1887 married to Ida Peters (divorced before 1930) – 2 children, Marie and Dorothy Schalte. They lived in that same area of the drug store.

  14. Hello and thank you to all who posted comments on my gg-grandfather, Franz/Frank Schulte. It appears from the calendar the photo was taken in August (the year is still not clear), but with the information from Jack Novicki, either 1893 or 1899 – thanks Jack. I was told by Franz/Frank’s granddaughter that this photo was taken shortly after he opened the drug store, so 1893 is probably the correct year.

    Franz and his family were Catholic, the cap he wore was common in the Prussian village/area he came from – good guess though on the yarmulke!

    I recently discovered that Franz created at least two patent medicines, one “Indian Tonic Bitters” and the other “Medicinal Iron”.

    The children of Franz Schulte and Anna Mary Schneider were: Peter Anthony Schulte, born 1873 died 1918; Anna Helen Schulte Greening, born 1877 died 1940; and Theresia Schulte born 1881 died 1905.

    Thanks again to all who posted.

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