Photo Corner, 16 February 2009

20090216Hennessy.bmpContributed by Tom Hennessy, Desoto, Texas
This is a picture of my grandmother, Freda Becker, born 1891. The photo was taken in Cincinnati around 1897. When my grandmother was about nine, just after 1900, the family moved to New Jersey.

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20090216Saundra.bmpContributed by Saundra Robert
This is a picture of my grandmother, Mary Trcka Duba and her twin daughters Frances and Rose. The photo was taken in 1902 in St. Louis, Missouri. Grandmother was born in 1859 in Olsovice, Bohemia. My mother, Frances, on the left, died in 2001.

2 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 16 February 2009

  1. I just love both of these photos! It is really a treasure to have such memories of the family. My Mother does not have many photos of her childhood, or her grandparents. In fact, my immediate family does not have any photos of my mother when she was a child. We are trying to share the photos among the remaining family members, but everyone’s life is so busy these days. I am writing a book about our family, and it would help immensely to see family photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

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