Photo Corner, 09 February 2009

John Foxall Wathew, born 1805 in Walsall, EnglandContributed by Lavender Borden
This is a photo of my third great-grandfather, John Foxall Wathew, born 1805 in Walsall, England, died 1872. He was a goldsmith and watchmaker. I was sent the photo by someone I have never met, through the Internet.

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Mary Higgins Dowd, born 1822 in County Cork, IrelandContributed by Carri Maioriello, Los Angeles, California
This is a photograph of my third great-grandmother, Mary Higgins Dowd, born 1822 in County Cork, Ireland. She immigrated to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1891. The photo was probably taken between 1860-1880 in County Cork, Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 09 February 2009

  1. Lanvender Borden,, I love this pic and could not resist doing some adjustments to make it a better picture,, if you would like to see it just contact me at and I will be glad to send it to you all I ask in return is your imput on how you like what I did,, would also like to know if you do not like it.. Pat

  2. Lanvender Borden,

    Don’t you just love those unknown’s who share. This is what it’s all about distant family coming together working together on the mysteries of our past generations. There are some out there who don’t want to share and miss the opportunity of gathering information.

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