Photo Corner, 02 February 2009

Fannie DoolinContributed by Tracey Miller, Cincinnati, Ohio
This is a baby picture of my great-grandmother, Fannie Doolin. She was born in 1897.

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Norbert Spiegel Contributed by Patricia Spiegel
This is a photo of my dad, Norbert Spiegel (age 16) taken in 1931 dressed as “Spiegel the Great” for his magic act.  He toured local theatres in the Batesville, Indiana area performing on stage before the beginning of the movie.  He is shown with his assistants–on the left his brother Bill and a school friend, Al Wermer.  The greatest thrill of Norb’s life was meeting the great Harry Blackstone and shaking his hand.

6 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 02 February 2009

  1. That is just the sweetest baby picture. I love the expression on her face.
    Kathy McArthur

  2. oh my goodness…that little baby is a cutie pie!
    The other one of the young magician is a novelty and what a great thing to have!

  3. In parts of Ireland the surname Dowling is pronounced Doolin – but the correct spelling is Dowling. This might be of help in tracing your Irish ancestors.

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