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Hiram Wesley and Mary Elizabeth (nee Ross) WilliamsContributed by Patricia Casjens-Peters
This is a photo of my great-grandparents, Hiram Wesley and Mary Elizabeth (nee Ross) Williams. The photo was taken on 03 April 1919 in Riverside, California.  Mary Elizabeth had a “lazy eye” which remained closed most of the time according to family members.

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Jasper Snow Contributed by Gladys Gardner
The picture is of Jasper Snow in his Civil War Uniform.  He served in Company D, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted as a Private and was appointed Sergeant and 1st Lieutenant in Field Service.

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  1. Looking at the photo of Mr. Snow I wonder about the chair he’s sitting in. My Uncle Jim Billy Shreve made a chair that looks very much like that. He was from Randolph, Co W.Va (Va). If there is any chance they could be connected this would be facinating.

  2. My grandfather was James Robert Snow B:1883 D:1978. He was the son of James W. Snow B:1857, husband of Nancy Dixon B:1863 and D:1946. I haven’t been able to get any further. My grand-father lived in Gallatin Co., Ky.
    Just wondered if there is any connection.

  3. I would check to see if any pictures/photos of that unit exist to compare his “uniform” with those. The pattern of the pants/the hat/the jacket and the lack of insignia & rank don’t appear to be military to me, but I’m not an expert on Civil War uniforms. Could the photo have been taken of him later in life? What is meant by “Field Service”? Is it a term used in his military records from the National Archives? Just curious as my great-grandfather fought in the C. W. from Michigan.

  4. Well, it looks like I goofed. Thanks Susan, for pointing out that I sent the wrong picture in. I do have one of Jasper in his uniform.

    Also, here is information that was sent to me by a gentleman doing research on the regimental history of the 82OVI. I was incorrect in stating that Jasper had a ‘field service’ position. He said that the F/S information that I found in would indicate that an individual held a Field and Staff position and was not, at that time, associated with a particular company. Jasper S. Snow served in Field and Staff positions as both Sergeant Major and Adjutant. (What Field and Staff positions are, I do not know!)

    So, I stand corrected. I am pleased, however, that Ancestry did print Jasper’s picture.

  5. Thelma, I do not know where Jasper had that picture taken. He did a lot of travelling around, down thru Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois on business. I guess it is possible that he could have had the picture taken in Kentucky. Sorry I don’t have any additional information to help you on that issue.

    Jasper is from Ohio, born in Chesterville, Morrow County, Ohio, in 1836. He died in 1907.

  6. Carol, I dont’ have any names in my database that match yours, but you can never tell, something may pop up. Jasper was born in Ohio and his father in either Vermont or Ohio (according to the census). Most of Jasper’s children died in Ohio. None of them went any further South. Jasper himself did a lot of travelling into Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, (and Kansas) but didn’t stay there for long. I do have a Nancy Dixon in my database, but her date of birth is in the 1700’s.

    I’ll keep your information handy should I run into anything in your line. Best of luck.

  7. I collect Civil War military images and have never seen a uniform anything like what he is wearing. This is definately not a Civil War uniform.

  8. Yeah, I didn’t think it was Civil War either. I know in the begining, they did wear lots of different types of uniforms but that looks more like an engineer’s uniform to me…like in trains.

  9. You are correct, it is not a Civil War uniform. I sent in the wrong picture. So sorry about that. I did send in a the correct picture but I don’t know if they will print it or not. The picture I sent in was actually a copy off a tintype, so I don’t know where it was taken for sure. (That for the lady who asked about the chair). The other pictures I have of him in Civil War Uniform have names and places on them as to where they were taken.

  10. Hi My father was Edward John Snow, b. New Jersey, his father was Frederick Snow, b.St. Johns, Newfoundland, his father was Edward Snow, b. Kelligrews, Newfoundland,
    Do you know these names and could you help me with more Snow’s from Newfoundland?
    Irene R. Benson

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