Photo Corner, 19 January 2009

20090119Cravey.jpgContributed by Rachel Turner
This is a photo of my great-great-grandmother Francis “Fanny” Susan Cravey Turner. The photo was taken in Turnerville, Alabama, probably in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

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20090119Vincent.jpgContributed by Janet A. Keen, San Antonio, Texas
This is picture of my father, Vincent E. Anderson, 1919-2004. He was a pilot in the Pacific during WWII and the Korean War. Flying remained a love his entire life and he passed that love on to both of his sons. His oldest son, Vincent “Craig” Anderson, was also an Air Force pilot and was tragically killed in Vietnam in 1972. His youngest son, who is still living, flies to this day.

6 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 19 January 2009

  1. Wow. Wouldn’t you love to hear Fanny speak, know what she had learned and what she was like? What a wonderful picture.

  2. To: Janet A. Keen of Antonio, Texas
    Re: her father, Vincent E. Anderson, 1919-2004

    Having similar photos of my father (I grew up in the Air Force), I can state that the photo of your father was taken during his cadet school training at the beginning of his career as a military pilot.
    Bruce Biddlecome

  3. Those pictures are indeed priceless. Would love to say I had a link but so far don’t see it. My mom is a Turner from Duluth Minnesota. Would be happy to hear from any potential relatives.


  4. I would love to get in touch with Janet Keen. Is Keen her maiden name or married name? Does her lineage go back to an Abraham Keen of Virginia, late 1700s/early 1800s? Trying to establish what relationship Abraham Keen was to the Richards family in Virginia. He was witness to some marriages in the family and seemed to move with the Richards family. The picture of Mr. Keen flabbergasted me because there is so much likeness to some of my Richards family.

  5. Oops – I withdraw my comment. Realized Janet Keen’s father is named Anderson. Was just very thrown by the photo.

  6. I would like to make contact with Janet Keen I am a photographer by trade and love to re do old photos I could not resist doing this one of her father and would like to be able to send it to her as my gift

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