Photo Corner, 05 January 2008

Henry RoseContributed by Andrew Nichols, Phoenix, Arizona
This is a picture of my great-great-grandfather, Henry Rose, just back from a successful rabbit hunt.  This picture was taken in the late 1800s near Agra, Kansas.

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Henry Lowe, Aunt Lucille, and Grandmother Lowe in their 1908 MaxwellContributed by Donna and George Ballamy
This picture is of my Grandfather Henry Lowe, Aunt Lucille, and Grandmother Lowe in their 1908 Maxwell.

12 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 05 January 2008

  1. Hi, was very interestede in your photo of Henry Rose. My daughter just married into a Rose family from Michigan. Any of your folks from around that area? Thanks, K~

  2. I got the Henry Rose photo by clicking on either photo. Link is not working for the other photo.

  3. OK, that was weird. Am not sure how the photo links got messed up, but I deleted it and re-added it and it seems to be working now. Sorry for the trouble!

  4. I’d like to know where the Lowe family was living at the time of this photo. Indiana, by any chance?

  5. Both of these individuaLs are very fortunate to have these photos in such good condition. Please be sure that you store them Properly to maintain this condition.

    About the Rabbit – I’m not sure, but it looks remarkably like what we called in East Texas a “Swamp Rabbit.” They were about the same size as a Jack Rabbit, but much heavier.

  6. Noticed that the rabbit hunt photo was contributed by Andrew Nichols. Also in my family there is an Ella Mae Nichols of Chicago area. Was wondering if there is any connection?

  7. I’m very interested in your gr gr grandfather’s family. My husband’s grandmother was a Rose when she married into the Gully family. Eliza Jane Rose Gully lived to be 103 years old. Did any of your family come from KY?
    Thank you

  8. the Henry Rose is related to us I sent the picture to my cousin Joan and she did cart wheels its her Great Grand father .
    if this is so then he married Mary Elizabeth Reynolds [ she is sister to my direct Lovie Elizabeth Reynolds ] so i hope we can connect you may email me at
    and thank you Ancestry for the photo gallery never know who will jump out of the camera
    and as far as the rabbit i have raised some that weighed 15 to 18 lbs they are called Giants and have been know to breed in the wild

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