Photo Corner, 22 December 2008

20081222Leer.jpgContributed by Shane Lear
Art and Mercedes (Loveless) Lear’s engagement picture taken in 1928 in Kokomo, Indiana. They were married for nearly sixty years before he passed away in 1985 and she in 1986. They had seven college-educated, successful children and more than a dozen grandchildren, too. I miss them so much.

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20081222Benson.jpgContributed by Glenda Magsam
This old photo is from my Danish side of the family tree, and is labeled “Married Nov 1, 1905; Joahannes B. Benson and Anna M. Mogensen Benson.” The wedding took place in Elk Mound, Wisconsin. During this era, smiles were unusual on photographs. I love looking at the “Mona Lisa” smile on her face!

One thought on “Photo Corner, 22 December 2008

  1. Shane, I have a photo of my husbands grandparents which looks so much like this one you would have to look twice to see that it is two different people!

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