5 thoughts on “New at Ancestry

  1. The entire Brooklyn, NY directories would be a wonderful resource. I know you have a couple of years but it is simply not enough.

    Donna Kianka

  2. I love ancestry.com but I sure wish you would divide your “new and updated databases” into U.S. and World subscriptions. As a U.S. subscriber, it would be much easier to see which databases are available to me.

  3. It would be a good Idea to have a page designated for Addresses and phone numbers on the Calendar Project. This would help family to have contact with Birthday and Anniversary family members, to send cards and or call them on their birthday.

    Janet Terrase

  4. Ancestry.com’s uploading of the Kentucky State death certificates 1911-1952 is an incredible resource that I could not have imagined even several years ago. Because of its mere existence here and especially because of its searchable features, it has helped me expand my family connections in many and unsuspected ways. Is there a chance of uploading similar repositories for other states and expanding those for Kentucky? BRAVA KENTUCKY!!!

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