Weekly Planner: Send Family History with Holiday Greetings

This year why not send a special holiday greeting to your family and loved ones and include a piece of family history? Whether it be a biographical sketch, a copy of a census or immigration record, a copy of a photograph, or a family memory–when you send a piece of family history, you’re sure to brighten someone’s day. And who knows, you may prompt them to reciprocate!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Planner: Send Family History with Holiday Greetings

  1. Great idea. Would not have thought of that! Thank you for the suggestion
    Glenda Gentleman
    Vancouver Island

  2. Blessings for your great idea!! Perfect way to be in contact
    with possible “new” family contacts of which I am always
    searching for — is the highlight of each discovery — daily.
    Thank you again. June G.

  3. This year I did just that! I compiled a book on my great-great grandfather and his children. I sent it out to as many relatives as I could. I have had wonderful response from cousins I hadn’t heard from in years. In fact, a second cousin offered old pictures and information on her line to be added to my next “book” on my great-grandfather!

    Thansk for the great idea!

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