Photo Corner, 15 December 2008

Contributed by Betty Lou Gleason, Greer, South CarolinaAnne Mortensen Jensen
I recently found this photo of my great-grandmother, Anne Mortensen Jensen. The photo was taken in her home in Hutchinson, MN. I believe it would be around the 1910s as she was born in 1855 and she appears to be maybe around sixty years of age. She is doing what she loved best–tatting or crocheting.

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William Henry Fravel

Contributed by Don and Scharmal Conley
Kennewick, Washington

This is picture of my great-grandfather, William Henry Fravel. He lived to be 103 years old.

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 15 December 2008

  1. It looks like your grandmother might be making lace. She could be tatting which is almost a lost art. I have a photo of a tatting needle from one of my grandmothers. I tried to enlarge your photo to see if she was holding a regular needle or a tatting needle, however I could not tell. These photos would make wonderful Christmas ornaments for your tree this year.

  2. The photo of the woman making lace is one of the most interesting that I’ve seen so far. I love it. From the curtain in the window and the table with the plant, lamp etc., it’s a glimpse in time. Almost like you’re in the room with her. What a treasure.

  3. What a wonderful photo! For years I have wanted to learn to tat but there has been no one who could teach me. I do know how to make crocheted lace for edging towels and pillowslip trims, and also crochet doilies. Did anyone notice that Betty Lou’s great grandmother is holding the needle in her left hand? It appears to be a short crochet hook but is hard to be positive. Tatting is done with a shuttle, a rather pear- shaped, flat “instrument.” Thanks to Betty for sharing the photo.

  4. Dear Betty Lou Gleason, of Greer, South Carolina
    I love yr photo of yr great-grandmother, Anne Mortensen Jensen. While yr photo was taken in her home in Hutchinson, MN, around 1910s & you say she was born in 1855, but was she born in America or Norway ? She looks just like my relatives from Norway, face , hairstyle, dress & home. Her name could not be any more Norwegian, if you haven’t already researched her ancestors, pls do so, as I’m sure you will find some some true treasures. Good Luck, vennlig hilsen Astrid

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