Photo Corner, 17 November 2008

Gates Contributed by Marilyn G.
These are the daughters of Frank W. and Serilda Jane Gibson Gates–top Nora, bottom left Emma, right Ella. They grew up in Girard, Illinois.

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George HooverContributed by Delia Ann Jones
This is George W. Hoover in his Union Army uniform. He was a relative of Herbert Hoover and served in Company A, 11th Cavalry Regiment Ohio, 1861-1865.

2 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 17 November 2008

  1. Is there any way to let Marilyn G. know that I would like to contact her or have her contact me? She and my husband may have a common ancestor, his grandmother was the daughter of Jackson Gates Mitchell. The combination of the girls’ names and the Gates surname just leaped out at me, especially because we were just visiting very near Girard, in Palmyra, IL, last weekend.

  2. Small world. I live in rural Girard and right down the road from some Gibsons. I’ll have to show the photo to them.

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