Your Quick Tips, 10 November 2008

A Scrapbook History
After years of trinkets and tokens for Christmas from my children and grandchildren, I have now asked them to complete a scrapbook page of the highlights in their life for that year.
Each year I get a page of events from them. But little do they know, that they are writing their own history. It’s inexpensive and much more personal and means more to me than any “store-bought” gift.
It keeps a log of events in their lives from year to year and someday I hope my great-grandchildren will enjoy them!
Clara Leib
Valparaiso, Indiana

Census Browsing Tip
When I couldn’t locate my ancestors from Belgium in the 1900 Moore County, North Carolina census (where I knew them to be living at that time), I accessed the actual census pages and began scrolling through. I looked down the “Country of origin” column for Belgium and found them that way. The spelling of the name was unusual so I hadn’t been able to find them by just putting in their name. Of course, this could work also if one’s relative was born in another state rather than country.
Thank you for the tips. Some have been so helpful.
Beverly Hall
North Carolina

Combine Middle and Last Names
I would like to add that it is possible to add the middle and last name when searching. In the case of my great-grandfather whose name was Thomas Fitz Martin in later years he is listed as Fitzmartin. Hope this will help someone.


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3 thoughts on “Your Quick Tips, 10 November 2008

  1. The scrapbook page idea is actually great for everyone. Many times parents keep scrapbooks for their children or teens and adults for themselves, but others see things from a different perspective and recognize things that should be preserved. So instead of just asking for pages from your descendants and or siblings, perhaps you should also collect things throughout the year to do a page for each person close to you for either next Christmas, birthday or another significant day. Also don’t forget to add a personal note with any special memories you have, etc.

  2. I love the idea of the “Scrapbook History” so much that I have just sent out an e-mail to family members asking for a scrapbook page from them for Christmas. Thank you so much for the tip, Clara Leib. What a brilliant idea!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Having each family member make a scrapbook page for the past year is a marvelous solution for the “What to get for Grandma & Grandpa who have everything” problem. And how interesting that my grandchildren live in Valpo, Indiana. Thank you for the great idea!

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