Photo Corner, 03 November 2008

Gabriel Augustus Adams, born in 1870 in Kingston, British West IndiesContributed by Dolores Mangaroo
This is a picture of my grandfather whose name was Gabriel Augustus Adams, born in 1870 in Kingston, British West Indies. Gabriel came to the United States in 1913 and passed thru Ellis Island. He eventually moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1915 and sent for his family in Jamaica. In the picture are my two aunts, Lestelle and Myrtle, and my Uncle George. My aunts who are 98 and 97 years old respectively are still alive; my Uncle George is deceased. My grandmother was sick that day and unable to make the photo shoot. Gabriel had secured a job as a baggage man with the Boston Railroad in 1921 which was a good job for a man of color.

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20081103Republican.jpgContributed by Sherri Copeland, Columbus, Ohio
I thought with the election you might enjoy this family picture. This picture was found among my great-grandfather Abraham Fogle’s family photos. I believe it to be one of his sisters but not sure which one. The family lived in Caldwell, Noble, Ohio. [Editor’s Note: I think the Republican tags on her dress are actually referring to a newspaper called the Republican. I checked the Ohio Newspaper Program and there was a newspaper based in Caldwell called the Noble County Republican. Great picture though.]

4 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 03 November 2008

  1. Is there a place where one could go to see all the pictures you have used in the photo corner?
    Thanks for the help.

  2. Her bonnet says “Barnesville Republican”. She’s a parade float! Do you know why she is dressed that way? Was your family connected to the paper?
    This article mentions the Hanlon family who owned the newspaper.
    Here is a clue to the picture: “and 1883 saw publication of the town’s second weekly newspaper, The Barnesville Republican. The paper continued publishing until 1911.” She could be advertising it in 1883.

    9 Aug 1883 – 23 Feb 1912 (scattered issues)
    (title) flm gen ” Holdings at the Ohio University Libraries.

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