Customize your Homepage–Add Links to Ancestry Blogs, Record Collections, and Message Board Favorites

Ancestry____logo.gifAncestry updated its homepage today, adding more widgets to help you access the content you use most. In response to feedback from users, the logged-in homepage now allows you to add, re-order, and remove sections of your homepage. Just click the “Customize your homepage” button at the upper-right to customize your homepage. This will let you move or remove sections you already have on the page.

As part of this update, Ancestry has introduced a few new optional items that you can add to your page:

  • Links to key Record collections including individual U.S. Census years and the Card Catalog. 
  • A place to easily keep track of and access your Message Board Favorites.
  • Quick links to the Blog and 24/7 Family History Circle Blog, as well as links to the most recent posts.

Learn more about the customizable homepage in the Blog.


3 thoughts on “Customize your Homepage–Add Links to Ancestry Blogs, Record Collections, and Message Board Favorites

  1. This is super! It was easy to customize my page (mostly I just omitted things I don’t use). This is something many of us had asked for. Thank you for listening and making it friendly.

  2. Thank you so much for giving us back the Records Collection with the individual Census Years. I missed it. It was one of my most used tools. I am so glad to see it back. You listened and responded. That’s what I consider good service.
    A very appreciative customer,

  3. Jesse Carter migated to south Georgia from the Colliton district ofj South Carolina abpit 1850to find new grazind lamds for his cattle need information of his antededents and descedemts.
    Patricia Byrd Carter Rogers

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