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Jessie Honey and sisters, Catherine and Martha, ca. 1905-06Contributed by Patricia Schmidt:
Patricia Sullivan’s grandmother, Jessie Honey (right, married name Sullivan, born 1896), and sisters, Catherine (middle, born 1903) and Martha (right, born 1898), ca. 1905-06, Brookline, Norfolk, Massachusetts


 Willard Griffith, 1917


Contributed by John Mainprize
John’s grandfather, Willard Griffith, “taken in 1917 just after he enlisted in the Army. A month or two later they kicked him out because he was underage. He was born on 11 June 1900.”


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  1. I love this Army enlistment photo! My own grandfather, William John Jacobs, enlisted in the Army in 1917 as well. I have a photograph of him in front of the same background, wearing the same uniform! Thanks for sharing this great photo and story!

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