Photo Corner, 13 October 2008

Robert & Elizabeth Walton taken in New York, 1852.Contributed by Jack Ricci
Attached is a photo of my great-great-grandparents, Robert and Elizabeth Walton taken in New York, 1852.

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Hugh Phillips and Ella Uhland's wedding Contributed by Joan Phillips Eddy
This is my paternal grandparents, Hugh Phillips and Ella Uhland’s wedding photo taken 10 April 1901 and their attendants.

5 thoughts on “Photo Corner, 13 October 2008

  1. Ms.Phillips Eddy,
    I am intrigued by your photograph, as well as your name.
    What a wonderful photo!!
    When I was in Rutland, VT. years ago, the last name of “Eddy” came up in my search for my grandfather’s (maternal) name of Davidson. Something I remember about Bomoseen??
    If any of this clicks with you, please contact me at my email address. Our family was Grandmother (Paternal)Lewis’. My grandfather was obviously a Phillips. I’ve traced his roots back to Canada.
    Thank you.
    Mark P. Phillips

  2. neat pics, but doesn’t anybody ever smile. they look like someone was going to pull teeth.

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