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Oma Elizabeth Roark York (1880-1938), Odus William York (1878-1950) and daughter, Gladys Marie York. Contributed by Deborah Bonas Kearney
This is a picture of my mom’s parents and her oldest sibling in 1901 taken in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Standing is my grandmother, Oma Elizabeth Roark York (1880-1938). Seated is my grandfather, Odus William York (1878-1950). Their infant daughter, Gladys Marie York, is on his lap. Gladys was the first of their five children. The family migrated from Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas, to Oklahoma shortly before this picture was taken in late 1901. Odus later ran for governor of Oklahoma Territory. Both Oma and Odus died in Los Angeles, California.

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John William Hilbert and Blanche Hilbert, St. Louis, Missour, ca. 1895Contributed by Carol Hailey Crow, Bend, Oregon
This is a photo of my grandfather, John William Hilbert, and his older sister Blanche. He was born in May 1894 so I imagine this picture was taken in 1895. They lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

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  1. Deborah,

    My gggrandmother was a YORK. First name was Harriett born in Missouri and died after 1884 on the way to Indian Territory. She married George W DUNN and had several children. Would like to hear from you.

    Zachary, LA

  2. Is “Oma” a name, or is it the German word for Grandmother? My new son in law is a York so I’m anxious to do some research on his family, who is also from Oklahoma.

  3. “Oma” was my grandmother’s first name. It’s a variation of “Naomi”. She was not German.

  4. Bernadette,

    I also have the name “Dunn” in my ancestry. There were some of my York line living in Missouri, but most of them were from Tennessee and Arkansas.


  5. The photo of “Oma Elizabeth Roark York” was of interest, only because I hope the submitter knows that “Oma” is German for grandmother, and really not part of the Christian name of the lady.

  6. Ggfather was a Kearney but have no luck tracing his family. Have you done any tracing of the Kearney name?

  7. Hi. I saw the picture of your grandparents and was wondering if Roark is your grandmother’s maiden name? My mother’s last name was Roark and she came from Harlan,KY.I was wanting to know if any of your relatives were from there? I haven’t been able to locate any of my mother’s side of the family. If you have anything that might help me I would really appreciate it. That is if maybe we are related in some way. That is a really good picture of your grandparents.If you doing could you send me any information. My e-mail address is Thank you,

  8. Gail,

    My grandmother’s first name was “Oma”. It was a very common name in Arkansas in those days. She was of Irish (crossing the pond in the 1500’s) and Native American descen. No one spoke German. I’m aware of the grandmother connection with “Oma” as I have German ancestry on my father’s side. This is not the case with Oma Roark York. Oma is her given name on her death certifcate and headstone. I have no doubt that my mother knew what her own mother’s name was.


  9. All the children in the pictures are beautiful. Deborah, I particularly like that your grandfather is the one holding the baby in the family portrait.

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