Saving Family Treasures Free Webinar with Maureen Taylor, 15 October 2008

maureen100x100 copy.gifI’ve just been asked to moderate a new webinar at Ancestry with our friend Maureen Taylor on how to save family treasures. Her presentation will teach you how to preserve clothing, jewelry, photographs, paper based family history documents, and more.  Participants in the webinar will be able to submit questions to Maureen and we’ll be answering as many as we can through the webinar.  Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation of the registration with a link to join the webinar, and a 24-hour reminder for the event as well.

What’s a Webinar?
Basically a webinar is an online presentation with sound. You’ll see slides similar to a Powerpoint presentation and you can just sit back and listen. There is no fee for the presentation, although you will need to register beforehand.

So if you have questions about preserving your family heirlooms, please join us on Wednesday, 15 September October 2008. The webinar will begin at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Click here to register now. (After you register you will receive an e-mail from, the company that hosts the webinars. It will include the link and information necessary to access the webinar.)

If you’d like to check out some of the past webinars, click here. 

2 thoughts on “Saving Family Treasures Free Webinar with Maureen Taylor, 15 October 2008

  1. OOPS!!! Didn’t you mean “Wednesday, 15 OCTOBER 2008” instead of September?? Looking forward to seeing the webinar; but if I don’t make it on the 15th, I hope to catch it when it is put on the archived list….

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