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I may be a little behind on this find, but today I ran across a new (to me anyway) search called Pipl. It claims to search the deep web, including genealogy sites and databases. I tested it on one of my ancestors, Edwin Dyer, who was a police captain in New York. I didn’t see any hits from Ancestry.com, although I know he is in several databases, but it did turn him up in the 1880 Census on FamilySearch, and I did see a different Edwin Dyer come up in the SSDI on RootsWeb. There was also an entry on Find-a-Grave that caught my eye. I clicked through and recognized the e-mail address of my cousin’s wife. Although we’ve stayed in contact off and on over the years, it was neat to run across her e-mail address. I dropped her a line to thank her for adding it and I plan to search for some other ancestors on Pipl. Hopefully there are more cousins out there for me to find!


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  2. This search engine is a little scary – try searching yourself and see what turns up! I did and found more than I’d like!

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