Tips from the Pros: Computer Classes, from Paula Stuart-Warren

Don’t feel comfortable with online searching or other computer and software aspects? Public libraries, community education programs, and college and university libraries in your area may have free or low-cost classes. These may include learning how to make the most out of Web searches and how to use various reference databases offered by the library (including Ancestry Library Edition). My own county library system offers a wide variety of classes. Others offer classes on becoming acquainted with such things a Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, word processing, Windows Vista, Linux, Google, spreadsheets, and shareware. Though not as prevalent, some do offer classes for Mac users, including Mac user groups. Check with a genealogical society in your area to see if there is a special interest group related to computers and software. Even if you never learned to type well there is hope. Your library may offer keyboarding classes. College and university libraries might have restrictions on who may take the classes and you have a better chance of taking such free or low-cost classes if you are a graduate of that institution.

Some examples of computer class offerings:

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