Family Tree Maker 2009 Now Available

FTM2009.bmpFamily Tree Maker 2009 is now available and users of FTM 2008 are eligible for a free upgrade. There are quite a few new features, including the ability to track and print your ancestors’ migration paths on interactive maps, six new charts, improvements in data manipulation, and much more. You can read all the details on the Ancestry blog.

FTM 2008 users should receive an e-mail with details on the free upgrade by mid-October. If you’re new to Family Tree Maker or have an older version and would like to purchase FTM 2009, you can buy it now in the Ancestry Store.

18 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker 2009 Now Available

  1. I have tried to install Family Tree Maker 2009 and it gave me a error no:-2147219705 and did not install and I also had trouble with family tree maker 2008 and I uninstalled both of them. I was wondering what I might be doing wrong.

  2. Ancestry .com has sent out emails offering free downloads, there were over 1200 people waiting in queue…fun

    Then they sent an email for a free upgrade with free shipping, but when you go to check out, they charge you for shipping. Emails to customer service go unanswered. Seems they need to do more to take care of their ” loyal” customers.

  3. I received the e-mail for the free upgrade and free shipping. When I entered the code they gave me, the shipping charge changed to 0. I received the free 2009 CD yesterday and the shipping was free.

  4. Hi
    I having problem getting on internet of Family Tree Maker 2008 to get the map etc. My internet is on and i am writing this to you. I don’t understand why FTM not connected .

  5. I have FTM 2008. I clicked on upgrade. Download took less than 5 minutes. If I click ‘About’ I am informed that I have version

  6. I have tried several times to download the new upgrade to 2008 with no success. I filled out the order, but when I entered
    the coupon code, the order still charged me instead of wiping out the charge, as promised.

    I do not know how to take advantage of the promised free upgrade at this point.

  7. I have been sorry about the performance of my Family Tree Maker ever since updating from version 16. So now staring at my new copy, FTM 2009, and hesitating to stick it into the slot to read/install.

  8. I received Family Tree Maker 2008 (I already had Version 10.) as a gift and I have not been able to register. I keep getting the message that I am not connected to the internet. Thank you in advanced for you help.

  9. I registered Family Tree Maker 2008 and did not receive an email in regard to receiving free 2009 version. How do I get this?

  10. I am still working off of FTM 2006. Would 2009 be worth the new expense? I have heard about ‘bugs and problems’ and it makes me wonder if spending money on a new program is/would be worth it.

  11. I didn’t know any better and Oct 7 I purchased Family Tree Maker 2008. I have been having problems with it and tech support said I should upgrade to 2009, but I would have to pay for it. If they had been offering free upgrades I don’t understand why I could not get one. We had to buy a new computer and the store did not have the 2009.

  12. I purchased the Family Tree Maker In September, Had Problems registering it and was told I would be getting the up date to Family Tree Maker 2009. I have been waiting and have heard nothing. How Long will I have to wait. A fiend of mine registered hers and recieved a new Family Tree Disc in the mail. Please let me know what is in store for me and my old program. Thank you.

  13. Comment #16 is dated 10 Feb 2009, although my calendar tells me it’s only 10 Nov 2008. Do you think this is an indicator of how long we’ll have to wait for our free upgrade?

  14. I have not received my coupon for the free upgrade to 2009. I am wondering how much longer it will be?

  15. I was unable to get the 2009 upgrade to FTM 2008 last fall. I was notified that I would received another email because the response had been so large. I never received the second email and would like to upgrade to 2009.

    Thanks, Cathy

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