Exciting News from Maureen Taylor

Photo Detective.bmpMany of you may have seen our friend Maureen Taylor on the Today Show this week as she helped trace the family history of the show’s hosts. If you missed it, they have the series online on the Today Show website.  She also revealed on the show and on her blog that she’s working on another exciting project. She’s working on a Photo Detective series with the History Channel, that will air later this year on History.com. Congrats to Maureen on both of these projects!


2 thoughts on “Exciting News from Maureen Taylor

  1. I don’t watch the Today Show; but, when I saw this, I decided to click on the link because, like Meredith Vieira, I am of Portuguese descent and from RI. My mom grew up speaking Portuguese at home since her parents were from Portugal. She had fun trying to get me to get out the proper pronounciation of Vieira. It’s possible that Dr. Vieira treated my grandmother. Small world.

  2. I saw Maureen on the Today Show. Great job! It made me feel so proud that I am already involved in my family history. It made me want to find out more, so hopefully it inspired people who haven’t yet started looking.

    I also watched a two-part series that was on PBS where they tracked down families of several African-American celebrities. That, too, was very interesting!

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