Ancestry/FamilySearch Merged 1900 U.S. Census is Live with Free Index!

Ancestry____logo3.bmpWas just reading on the Ancestry blog that the 1900 Census joint project of and is now up FamilySearch.bmpand running and the index is free for a limited time. The images have be replaced with newly scanned copies of an earlier generation microfilm, improving the quality of many images. The index, including customer corrections, has been merged with the new, double-keyed FamilySearch Index that includes additional fields.

Click here to search the 1900 U.S. Federal Census.

Learn more about the new index here on the Ancestry blog.

24 thoughts on “Ancestry/FamilySearch Merged 1900 U.S. Census is Live with Free Index!

  1. Anybody out there have the problem I have? The census enumerator botched the last name of my great grandfather from Ireland, his name is Dwyer, the enumerator wrote down Deguire (as it is in one index, Dequire in another index, and even Deguise in another index!) Patrick Dwyer born Ireland in 1854 lived in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri on Harrison street. So future descendants will never be able to find this fellow? D W Y E R

  2. Wow! That’s some creative spelling for DWYER! But, try RAULERSON! So far I’ve found over a dozen variations of the spelling – from ROLISON up to and including RAWLINSON.

    One way I’ve cut through all the confusion is to search the first three letters of the surname with an astrick for the balance. Often you have to substitute different vowells, but generally this will work.

    When all else fails, try using one of the children’s names. Especially if the child has a distinctive name and the parent name is more common, like John or William.

  3. The image quality may be improved with the “merger,” but no pages from the 1900 census can be printed. I have to keep a post-it note on my computer reminding me not to attempt to print any 1900 census data!

  4. I tried to view the 1900 census records but instead of being free, it took me to the page to sign up for a membership. So much for being “FREE”

  5. I usually save the image to my computer, then hilite the names I am interested in, improve the image and then print it.

  6. I print the original images and friendly views routinely. What’s the problem

  7. Henry,
    Everyone has the same situation as you have. I search for Tabor as Taybour, Taybor, Tafer, Taper, Talor and Taylor. Segraves can appear as Legraves, Seyraves, Leyraves, Seegraves, Seagraves, Cegreaves, etc. Spann can be Span or Spaw. Kerby can be Kirby, Kearby, Kearly, and even botched as King.

    Handwriting is difficult at times to interpret and people unfamiliar with certain names add to the equation. Ancestry allows you to post corrections. On the page where you would click to view the image, on the left is a link that says “Comments and Corrections”. Post your name variation there.

  8. So much for a free website – thanks guys (that’s why I left Ancestry – seeing is believing. I also appreciate the record for my gg grandfather interpetation of karry n higgins (carry higgins) whenit’s actually “Harry N. Higgins” (doh)

  9. I couldnt even find my ancesters on this website and I have a copy of the page for 1900 census. Guess it isnt as complete as it is supposed to be.

  10. The index is free, but yes, the images are only available to members. I apologize, I should have made that clearer.

    Nancy, make sure you are hitting the print button in the viewer, rather than your browser’s print. If you use the print from your browser, all you will see is the outline of the browser and the Ancestry navigation. (This from the voice of experience. I can’t tell you how many times I make that mistake!) 😉

    Drop me a line if you’re still having trouble.

  11. When I search for just a name on the census, I found several possibilities. The I tried the last name, state & county of the same family and the info was totally gone. It seems that if I try the surname with location, nothing comes up.

  12. I am having trouble with the index search not bringing up any hits when I do a given name and surname search. Then when I do a search of surname, without the given name, with all other variables the same, the name is sometimes on the list. It just takes longer to find the name in the sometimes long list.

    The same thing is happening when I use the “exact” search and the * for variations. They are not coming up, but then show up on the long-long list of a soundex search.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found a way around it?

  13. Is anyone else having problems with images not matching the index? For example, I have a name in Caldwell County, Kentucky which is correctly indexed but when I click on “view original image” it takes me to a census record for Butler County, Kentucky.

  14. Sara, I am also having problems with images not matching the index. I have searched several names in Bryan Twnsp., Surry County, NC which are indexed correctly but when I click on “view original image” it shows a blank census page. In other areas of Surry County, NC clicking on “view original image shows an image from Avery County, NC.

  15. The index records and images are available at for free. Use their search pilot to search the new indexes they are compiling, and if you are impressed as I am – and usually am with familysearch and their free genealogy, you can also volunteer to index and get some of the others online for free.

  16. My, we have some vitriolic comments. Ancestry’s cost of $3-5 per week (average) is cheaper than renting one roll of microfilm. I, for one, have found numerous clues and information from this site. You get what you pay for.

  17. I hate when someone is a member to Ancestry, and they are helping me out with looking for census’ and marriage records, and they send the info on to me, and Ancestry won’t let me view it, stating I have reached my viewing limit.They should change their policy to viewing so many per year, not being able to view again for the rest of your life. I haven’t been able to veiw anything for over 2 years. That’s way I won’t join.

  18. Connie, you won’t join because they won’t let you view images unless you join? That doesn’t make sense. Besides, what do you expect?

  19. I used to use 1900 census all the time and still would like to use it, but when I enter the surname, state and county, it comes up “No name found” or words to that effect. I don’t want the name in all the states etc. and 1900 used to work fine with the about information. The other census years are fine; what is the difference with 1900?

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