More Political Roots…

Our friend Megan Smolenyak has stumbled on to an interesting coincidence. It turns out that co-running mates Barack Obama and Joe Biden both had ancestors who were shoemakers, and both immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1849. In both cases, the father came over in 1849, followed a year later by the rest of their families. You can read all the details of her findings on her RootsTelevision blog.

8 thoughts on “More Political Roots…

  1. How about looking up the Republican candidates ancestors? Don’t you think anyone is interested in them too? I am.

  2. I too am interested in the Republican and Libertarian candidates’ ancestors! For too long the media has concentrated on Obama and gave short shrift to McCain and Barr

  3. Don’t be upset, Suzanne and Judy. Just use Google to get the information you want. Or apply your own genealogical skills!

  4. Of course we could do our own research but that is not the point. Let’s see Megan do some of her magic with other politicians. That would make for an interesting string of articles to read. I’m not upset nor was I when I responded to this article, just merely making a point. It seems others may agree.

  5. What an interesting news story it would be to discover that John McCain and Barack Obama shared some ancestry.

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