Photo Corner, 25 August 2008

Grandfather Henry Lowe, Aunt Lucille, and Grandmother Pearl Lowe Contributed by Donna and George Bellamy
This picture is of my Grandfather Henry Lowe, Aunt Lucille, and Grandmother Pearl Lowe in their 1908 Maxwell. (GO to the blog for the full version of this photograph.)

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Floyd and Lloyd PurcellContributed by Nancy Friend
On the pony are twin brothers, Floyd and Lloyd Purcell. Lloyd is my dad, born July 1918. The boy standing is their brother, Harold, born June 1920. The picture was taken in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They are now all deceased.

One thought on “Photo Corner, 25 August 2008

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I love your family’s old Maxwell. Best as I can tell it’s either a 1905 or 1906 Model L tourabout. 1907 had a different cutout you’d step over to enter the car; 1907 had running boards and 1908 cars had a set-back radiator. That’s Maxwell’s small 2 cylinder car introduced in late 1904 as a 1905 model and pretty much unchanged for 1906. They also had a larger 2 cylinder car in their lineup. The center mounted searchlight is quite something and probably operated from acetylene gas which made a very bright light. Your family must have done some serious nighttime driving.

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