Photo Corner, Oscar and Anne Martha (Svendsen) Setter Family

Oscar and Anne Martha Setter family minus AnitaI’ve been going through the many photo submissions I have trying to sort out which ones will fit in the newsletter and which I will need to post here on the blog. If my count is correct, it appears that this family had twenty children. That is one large family! Thanks for sharing Deb! 

Attached is a photo of my great-grandparents, Oscar and Anne Martha (Svendsen) Setter and most of their family.  He emigrated from Norway to Polk County, Wisconsin;  she is a first-generation Norwegian-American.  This photo, taken about 1918, has all of their children except the youngest, Anita, who was born in 1919.  Anne Martha was the mother of all of the children.  Most people cannot believe that she gave birth to so many.

Deb Dargay
(Grandaughter of Oscar and Anne Martha’s seventh child, Laura Magdalene Setter New Hope, Minnesota)

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4 thoughts on “Photo Corner, Oscar and Anne Martha (Svendsen) Setter Family

  1. I was wondering where Svendson or Svenddatter were in Norway. I haven’t read all of your blog to find out. Sorry.
    I am checking to see if it is area of Rissa or Lensvik. I have some Sven……. names. And Anders in early days of my family at Rissa area.

  2. Was wondering how old gr. grandmother was when she passed away? My gr. grandparents, grandparents and grandparents all had large families 8-9 children. I don’t want to be indelicate; but he could have thought of his wife’s health and how hard it was for her to raise a family this size just once and awhile and roll over and go to sleep.

  3. Anne Martha Setter was born in 1874 and died in 1960. The family may have been large, but they were very loving. What else do you do around the turn of the century in a farm town in Wisconsin? She died when I was five years old, so I do not have any memories of her. Her husband, Oscar Setter, had a brother named Paul, and they also raised a large family, but only 12 children. Since then, no one else in the family has had anywhere near that number of children. The last surviving child of Oscar and Anne Martha, Mildred (#14), died this spring at the age of 98.

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