Photo Corner: Harry Garwood, Ada Butterfield, and Magnolia Elizabeth (Todd) Lowman

Harry Garwood and Ada Butterfield, married in 1898 in Victor, Colorado



Contributed by Lynda Wilson Barlow
Harry Garwood and Ada Butterfield who were married in 1898 in Victor, Colorado.  Photo was taken shortly before their marriage by a lady photographer. 

Magnolia Elizabeth (Todd) Lowman, ca. 1890, Farmington, Arkansas



Contributed by Bob Curtis
Bob’s grandmother, Magnolia Elizabeth (Todd) Lowman, ca. 1890 when she was around 16-18 years old and hand colored. She lived in the northwest corner of Arkansas in the small town of Farmington.

8 thoughts on “Photo Corner: Harry Garwood, Ada Butterfield, and Magnolia Elizabeth (Todd) Lowman

  1. I love the relaxed look of this photo – so unlike most photos of that time period. Leave it to a lady photographer to try something unique!

  2. Such good fortune to have the photos in excellent condition.
    I just love the old photos.
    Diane Eckert Tynes

  3. I have some” Lowman” names that Bob Curtis might like to have; also one “Hannah Todd”. Can you contact him or have him contact me? Thank you. Cyndy

  4. The Garwood/Butterfield photo is unusual indeed. The posing is very unusual for that period in that it is a totally relaxed informal pose rather than the stiff formal poses that were the norm then. As for the Lowman photo, the hand coloring is magnificently done. Look at the highlights in the hair and the catchlights in the eyes. Great photos, both of them.

  5. Fantastic picture I always think the non posie are the best
    thanks for sharing it with us

  6. If possible I would like to communicate with John Mainprize in regards to his picture of Willar Griffith. My maiden name was Griffith.

    Thank you for posting the pictures as they are very interesting and you never know what you might find.

  7. Cyndy – I would like very much to correspond with you relating to the Lowman family and especially the Todd’s. Who knows, we might just be kin to each other. Please contact me at my e-mail address – BobCPhoto@wcnet,net

  8. my name is christopher butterfield. I was told by my mother thst my fathers name is dale butterfield. Can anyone help me find him! The butterfields i am looking for are from livermore california

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