Your Quick Tips, 21 July 2008

Mind the Actual Census Date
You present a very interesting problem that I have faced myself. Often the discrepancy is more than one year of possible birth year. But if it is one or two years, I have narrowed the discrepancy by noting on what day each census record was supposed to have been taken. There is a statutory date and this varies, as you probably know, from one census to another. Some are as of 1 January, some a date in June, etc. If a one year discrepancy seems to be the problem, checking the statutory date could reveal the source of the discrepancy and provide an ante-quam and a post-quam birthday date.

John F. Battick, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof. of History Emeritus
University of Maine

Search for Police and Fire Department Photos
If your ancestor was a policeman or fireman, try a search for the city or town name and “police” or “fire.” There are a lot of historical photographs on the Internet. I have found that a Google Image search will turn up some interesting images.

Violet Bell

Save Your Calendars 
Our family keeps a calendar in the kitchen with appointments, events, illnesses, birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, and whatnot. Several years ago, I began saving these calendars with our family history. They provide a chronological framework that I can use to create an annual narrative of the events that shaped that year.

Inga Robertson
Baltimore, Maryland

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2 thoughts on “Your Quick Tips, 21 July 2008

  1. Very interesting topic :
    I was born in Chicago and lived on the near west side from 1941
    to 1961 .
    The occupation of the people in this area was as follows.
    Crooks , gangsters, gamblers , prostitutes con men , Mafia , I think you get the picture ?
    This included , policman , barbers, politicans ,priests, and all the rest of the men , whos main job was to stand on corners all day and eat sandwiches .
    How do you use this in your research ?

  2. Pertaining to saving calendars. I have been keeping a journal of everything on my calendars since 1974 and I have saved everyone of them which I refer to quite often for pertinent information I need.

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