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  1. Only 39 individuals in this database are recorded with a residence of Boston, Massachusetts.
    That is an incredibly low number. I knew this database would only include the Fourth Registration, but I had no idea how little coverage that would provide.

    I wonder how many registrants didn’t provide a City and/or State of residence and how many cards are incorrectly indexed.

    It would be very helpful if we could Browse these records.

  2. I did a check for my maiden name with Missouri as the residence and pulled up a relative born in Missouri but living in New Jersey. I researched with no state as resident and it didn’t find anyone. Shouldn’t my relative have shown on the second search and not on the first? Why wouldn’t he be on the second search?

  3. Slight correction. The second search was with no state as the residence, not resident.

  4. I haven’t found even one from my family yet (am hoping that the posting is incomplete and is ongoing), but I have come across a fantastic WWII Draft Card by accident.

    Check out Ransom Wisdom who lives in New York City, and is from the British West Indies. First of all, the name is so intriguing, and then his response on the back of the card as to race: Member of the Human Race.

    I love it. Half the fun of these databases is looking at ones that don’t belong to any of my research!

    Thank you, Ancestry.

  5. found my mom and dad in 1939 city directories, had no idea they lived on that street
    thank you!!

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