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Ancestry____logo.bmpKendall Hulet has posted responses to feedback he’s been receiving in regards to the new search on They’ve fixed at least one bug that was causing problems and are working on several others. You can read Kendall’s post on the Ancestry blog.

They’re still seeking feedback from users and if you have encountered a problem with the new search, please send detailed examples of what you are seeing so that they can duplicate the problem. The examples people have sent in are very helpful in identifying problems and correcting them. You can contact Kendall through the link in the article on the Ancestry blog.  

9 thoughts on “More on Ancestry’s New Search Experience

  1. Why does one have to retype Canadian city & province name for each subsequent search? When I search on Ameciacan ancestors the specific data automatically is saved from first entry. Thanks.

  2. I agree, that is frustrating. Along the same line …
    why, when I search records for Ireland does the results list pop up with so many American references leading the list.

  3. The new search site is pretty, but it has not resolved any of the search problems that the site always has had. I don’t need to see the SSDI entries for the same name if I’ve entered dob 1840 +/-5 and dod 1910 +/-5. I don’t need to see the Ohio mortality schedules as a result if I’ve typed Massachusetts as the place of death. I could care less about any census after 1910. It doesn’t matter how specific the search information entered, the same scattershot results appear.
    And I absolutely HATE the site deciding which family tree I want. I use them to post the information I find for clients so they can see what’s been found, jog memories or questions for that older relative, and locate that contact who has the missing piece (all this while hopefully saving the next researcher down the line from having to reinvent the wheel).

  4. I really hate the new format for Ancestry. I have a hard time finding what I want. Before It took me a few minutes to either find them in the place specified and not find them, and go on to another place. This new format wastes so much time and is very discouraging.

  5. I enjoy my cousin’s tree but do not want it to come up every time I search for something. This is very annoying and takes up room which could be better utilized.

    Searching for newspapers seems to be haphazard, why can’t there be a search or sort feature, either by State or City? Apparently I have a choice of 1245 different newspapers but they are in no discernable order and the Ancestry Database Card Catalog does not seem to relate to the newspapers. So am I supposed to actually read through over one thousand titles to find a paper whose name I do not know?

    If I missed it, please let me know and I can save days of searching.

  6. Where are the images for the Tennessee State Marriages? They are there one day and gone the next without explanation. I went back and read the description and yes, images are suppose to be connected to this database. It is difficult enough to find the data (I use to bookmark my favorite databases at ancestry)I need without it disappearing.

    Can anyone from address this issue??

  7. Hate the new search. I just want my specific search criteria. I go to the old search way every time. Do not give me what your computer thinks I want. Give me what I search on.

  8. I don’t like the new search engine. I prefer the old format. Whwn I’m searching for W. B. Haddaway who I know was born and lived in Talbot County, Md. I have been unable to find out why he disappered after the 1850 Census. I do the + and – 8 years.
    I get every Haddaway in all of the Censes with different First names. WHY?

  9. I agree with the comment about the cousins’ tree coming up as a main page. It is something I barely ever use and need to be able to go RIGHT to the censuses. Please change this!

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