Photo Corner: Spokane, 1919

20080709Spokanegoat.bmpAs I was going through photographs for next week’s newsletter, I ran across this one. Although it’s too wide to fit in the newsletter slot, I thought it was too cute not to share.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

This is a photo of my father, Robert White and his sister, Helen Ivy White, who were born in 1918 and 1911, respectively.  As shown, the photo was taken in Spokane, Washington, sometime in 1919.  I have photos of a number of their cousins in Spangle taken with the same goat and cart so it must have belonged to an itinerant photographer who was making his rounds of the Northwest.
Diana Smith

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  2. Before I saw the pictures of the two goats I was going to say that I have a picture of my husband sitting in a cart with his fraternal grandmother. The cart was pulled by a horse.
    The pictre was taken at Rocky Point Amusement Park in Warwick R.I.
    I had thought that the horse was real but someone told me that it was fake!So when I saw the picture of the goat I was wondering if it was real or if it was stuffed! Looks like it was real to me!

  3. I have a photo of my father taken in 1931 in a nearly identical cart in Phoenix, Arizona. The cart says “Phoenix 1931” on the front and my dad is 4 or 5 years old (born in 1926). Amazing that this photographer might have worked his way to Phoenix in 1931.

  4. Didn’t have a cart, but my siblings and I each treasure our pictures on a brown and white pony. A traveling photographer, with horse, hat and kerchief made the rounds in Peoria, IL and the surrounding small towns in 1947 or 48.

  5. My mother in law Hazel Paulson Green was photographed circa 1915 (age three) in just such a cart with a virtually identical goat in the traces! I believe the photo was taken in Benton County, MN, as that’s where she was raised. (Incidentally, both my husband and I were photographed on brown and white ponies in the late 1940’s! His photo was taken in Everett, WA, and mine was probably taken in Seattle when I was visiting my aunt. We were both about five when photogrpahed but didn’t meet for twenty more years.) It would appear that being part of these goat cart/pony photos were a cherished/widespread phenomenon for 20th c. American children!

  6. I have pictures of my 3 oldest children on that brown and white pony, with the hat on head and kerchief around neck. Taken in Seattle, WA in the 1940’s.

  7. Going through this site i have found a photograph that i have a same of my uncle sitting on a goat.



    Wide Circles

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