Weekly Planner: Start a Summer Scrapbook

When I was growing up, each summer our family would create a scrapbook chronicling our activities. Trips to visit family, Fourth of July parades, backyard barbeques, and just hanging out at home were all included. This year, I’ve started a folder of photographs on my computer and am dividing them into various activities. Since gas prices are high and money is tight, we’re spending a lot of time at home this summer, but that doesn’t mean I’m short on content. We’ve been working on a vegetable garden as a family and I have photographs of its progress. Small family barbeques, pool parties, day trips to Chicago and its museums, and playtime with our pets will all be included and remind us of our relaxing summer of 2008. Start gathering materials for your summer scrapbook and begin thinking about how you’d like to remember this year. We have a variety of formats to choose from these days. Products like AncestryPress offer a great alternative to traditional glue and scissors scrapbooks and offers long-lasting results.

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